Gotchiverse Bible Chapter 2 Discussion

Because unlike other crypto projects, we are not giving ourselves an allocation of any of these fair launch tokens.

Would you prefer we give ourselves a 10% team allocation of all Alchemica instead? The way it is now, we only earn tokens when the game is played. If no one is crafting, we’re not earning.

The DAO is providing great assistance to Pixelcraft, which we expect to mature and continue developing over time, but the DAO also doesn’t have a payroll of 35 (and growing) world class engineers, designers, etc, audits to pay for, brand designers to pay for, and the list goes on and on.

You must be trolling if you think this is even close to reality. Who spent a large sum of funds to make such an epic Gotchiverse trailer? C’mon fren, let’s be realistic here and not go on a witchhunt after devs who are already extremely fair to the community in our tokenomics.

I support discussion on this matter, but the way you frame it is definitely not helping your argument.


Yeah just want to give you guys props for 1) thinking longterm 2) tying yourselves to the success of the game thru the alchemica tokenomics. :+1: :+1: