In-Game Alchemica Sink Suggestions

Hello frens.

As @coderdan said, finding more alchemica sinks may be one of the most important tasks for our community. Based on discussions in Discord recently, I think most of us agree that having enough sinks for alchemica is something that we’ll all eventually benefit from. There have been a few suggestions in the Discord today, such as:

  • vanity wearables,
  • one-off gotchis (gotchis that don’t regenerate on dying),
  • custom backgrounds for gotchis.

There have been other suggestions recently too It would be good if we can start collecting ideas for alchemica sinks in a thread, so please share your thoughts and suggestions here.


Great thread idea. A big winner for alchemica sinks would be things that the free or low cost players consume to enhance their gameplay. If we can find ways to “charge” them it’d be huge. Otherwise the holders will simply be accumulating more things.

A few I’ve had:

Cosmetic installations. They can be artist created and limited in quantity. Things like statues, ornamentals, and seasonal things all come to mind

Respeccing. Being able to reroll your spirit points. This should be costly and get more so as you continue to do it.

Augments for wearables. Things like adding sockets and gems for increased stats or later in development add resists and elemental dmg.

Consumables. Potions for buffs. These consumables could extend for lickquidators too.

In game teleporting and transportation. Maybe you want to port across the map? This could cost alchemica. Licks could also use this and maybe have their own installations.

We could treat alchemica like in game resources that are consumed during gameplay. In world of Warcraft you needed certain materials to create portals, summons etc. This is a bit beyond where we are now but something to think on today.

That’s what I’ve got for now!


Thanks frens, just pinned this topic!

I am flabbergasted every time when seeing the allure the „skin-shop“ in Fortnite has on my kid.

To give the opportunity „to show off“ will be an exquisite sink.

Beside Vanity-wearables and vanity-installations I could imagine „skins“ for parcels:

theme-sets like „mediaval, cyphrpunk, industrial, japanese garden, suburb, …“ - if this is not possible to implement: maybe the possibility to modify the color/hue of the parcel … anything that would give the player opportunity „to express personality“.


I have been thinking about potential alchemica sinks lately and one idea that I thought was from the concept of walls mentioned in one of the hangouts some months ago. So idea pitched there was to have two layers of walls, one being destructible by liquidators requiring re-install in the unfortunate event of destruction. Other type was more like a shield that replenishes which is only relevant to gotchis serving as barrier to prevent entering other people’s land to collect spill-over alchemica from harvester.

I think it would be a good idea to have upkeep costs for such barrier. Essentially being fueled by alchemica, a barrier to minimize spill over alchemica being taken away is very lucrative. No fuel, barriers are down. With the higher levels of barrier, increasing the costs in alchemica per second/hour to keep it active.

What could be potential benefits?

-For people who cannot be active 7/24 due to other activities, barrier is something nice to have, making non-collected alchemica from spill-over to potentially stay in the land longer.

-Engaging gameplay to find a sweet spot between production&collection to consumption of alchemica with harvesters, multiple lands and collecting alchemica in gotchiverse(like factorio).

-A driving force for playing with higher brs/better item equipped gotchis as barrier becomes more penetrable for a better stat gotchi. This assumes that only the gotchi who takes down the barrier can enter the land and does not attract naked gotchis like flies to shogun gotchi.

-The point above would reward OG gotchi owners in the renting/lending scheme since higher xp gotchis with better stats would have higher demand in renting for better chances of collecting more alchemica by breaking into lands.

-Engaging gameplay for the person trying get into the land as the barrier would ‘hit-back’ based on the level of it, potentially surviving and collecting the sweet sweet alchemica or getting rekt.

-Lot’s of let me in memes from the point above.

-Element of surprise, after successfully breaking in one can potentially find the efforts being in vain as there’s not a single alchemica to be collected or alternatively hitting the jackpot.

-To replenish damage from barrier, a special consumable/health potion can be crafted with alchemica, creating potentially another sink.

-Keeping the plebs away from land. Naked, low brs, newborn gotchis not being able to break in to other people’s lands super easy to collect alchemica is also a barrier of leveling in the gotchiverse. This is good for two things:
i) Rewards to loyal/early gotchi gang members who poured their heart/time into the project by providing some protection to their alchemica.
ii) We want people to stay engaged with the game/gain new players. This would prevent someone who hopped into train after gotchiverse v0.1 launch to collect alchemica to cash-out quickly after making some entry level gotchi purchase.

-In the longer run, the landlord who achieved a higher level of harvester with low spill-over may stop caring about the barrier as the cost to keep it up is not worth that much. When taken down, landlord gets only half of spent alchemica, other half gets burned. Without the upkeep, the gotchiverse may be just full of barriers whereas when the barriers are taken down when the landlord feels time is right, it would be much more frenly since we could roam freely in the gotchiverse without too much emphasis on ‘ownership of this area’. Gradually more open space, more interaction, more fun in gotchiverse!


@lookinghandsome and I were actually chatting about consumable alchemica recently.

What if alchemica functioned as mana that lets you cast “Alchemagic”? There is currently a bit of an information gap on how spells will work in game, what if we needed alchemica to cast these spells?

As an example, each alchemica type could be attributed to a branch of “Alchemagic” such as:

  • FUD - Healing Spells e.g. regen, heal, debuff removal
  • FOMO - Damage Spells e.g elemental strikes, HP siphon,
  • ALPHA - Buff Spells eg. haste, spirit shields, double HP, alche-magnetism
  • KEK - Debuff Spells e,g, slow, blind, 0 evasion, alchemica siphon, spell casting disablement

Now this may lead us down the track of having a very play-2-win game but if alchemica ends up with a relatively low cost and spells have low cast “fees” (think 0.01 - 0.1 kek for your base level debuff spell) the risk/reward of using spells may end up worth it. Prepping your team for a dungeon run just got a little bit more interesting!

It’s important to note that this system may not fit in with the current mechanics PC have in mind at all but I’d like to throw it in the mix nonetheless as another potential sink!


A lot of great suggestions in this thread. I only have one idea. Custom emotes. Maybe even guilds could create some of their own emotes and they could be sold for alchemica.


Just feeding in my custom backgrounds for gotchi’s idea mentioned in OP, that I posted in #featurerequests.

Inspiration taken from Portrait - YPPedia

This could be incorporated into an installation that you interact with in-realm (perhaps ALPHA reliant to fill that void) to print a custom background for your gotchi or to take a portrait with multiple gotchis, an awesome additional feature for guilds and frens alike.

The custom backgrounds’ RGB and Alpha values could be tied to each alchemica:

Green: FUD
Alpha: KEK

By adjusting the amount of KEK you input, you could control the Alpha of specific elements in the background to control depth… reduce the visibility of your pattern and flatten your background if you wish. Patterns would need to have initial contrast and offset values between each of its elements, these would all change equally based on alchemica amounts and retain contrast… like a hue shift.

I anticipate the need for there to be a min-max range required for each alchemica so there is a set minimum amount required for a background. This would all scale based on how many gotchis the background is for.

There could be a set of basic patterns accessible to everyone, H1 gotchis should retain the ability to reapply their H1 background at any time. Limited patterns can then be rewarded for participation in events or unlocked through quests. A gotchi could then be sold with a Limited pattern background for added value.

I’m not great at economics but I think standard patterned backgrounds should be printed and applied to gotchis willy nilly (wonderful sink lemme change my background everyday → every hour). Apply same burn/treasury feed economics as installations etc. However, I believe you should only be able to print a single copy of Limited backgrounds for that juice. When you remove a background using a Limited pattern from a gotchi, you gain the ability to reprint it. If you sell your gotchi with the limited background applied, you loose the ability print it again.

If you read this, thank you and apologies if its hot trash :wink:
back to the hangout.


I like this - alchemica makes me think of “mana crystals”.

As you said, it’d need to be low cost so it didn’t feel too expensive to play. Maybe the simplest spells would be free.

I think the flavour works nicely - gotchis channel alchemica from the environment into themselves to later use as mana. And if you were in a dungeon and ran out, you could channel some more on the spot.

Maybe it could be extended to weapons too - e.g. spend alchemica to power them up for a short time.


I had an idea in which if you get killed in battle with liquidators, etc, you need a certain amount of alchemica to resurrect yourself from the great portal. Obv, you’d need more FOMO than FUD, but you would need that to resurrect in the great portal to play again.

That would also create loan economies, so that if you don’t have any alchemica, you could take out a loan from someone else to get resurrected.

That would create an alchemica sink.

Not sure if this has already been mentioned or not, but there it is.

As it was recently mentioned in a call that gotchis that get killed will drop the alchemica that they’re carrying, another possible sink would be buying insurance against this (or some percentage).


use alchemica to buy reset potions and recipes in the mall, e.g. reset kinship petting timer (limit use for players who missed the 2nd pet in 12 hours for once a day only), reset bonus traits points allocation, recipes for installations can be bought or ‘discovered’ in the gotchiverse first before enabling actual building, alchemica used to change the trait points of the wearable, making wearables customisable, and introducing vast variety and options for every kind of gotchis.

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This is very important thread.

I am adding this ideas:

  1. You could change placement of instalations on your land using alchemica. Basically when you build something, and dont like location, you can move on your parcel, using alchemica. It is not clear how this works now…

  2. Teleportation system (as notorious_BTC suggested) : You need to have instalation build first (outgoing teleport / incoming teleport). While you use teleport, it costs alchemica. First we will have teleportation available between own parcels. You need corespondent instalation on both ends of teleport, and you pay basic alchemica fee every time you use teleport. This could evolve into bigger system, you could “mark” you teleport instalation for Guild use, or Public use a…and whenever approved users use your teleport in both end, you will receive fee. When using teleport on somebodies else property, you are paying basic FEE + reward fee… reward fee goes to user. If user is you using your Outgoing teleport, and somebodys else Imcoming teleport than Reward FEE is split between 2 users.

I guess, it is quite a lot of work to implement. You need to figure out, where will Gotchi appear, when entering Gotchiverse… Also UI, how users could see / and choose teleport destinations has to be figured our…

Never the less, this would be great sink.

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Can it be called a nhode?

i like this a lot :+1:

i can already picture it, not only is this a sink but it alsp possibly adds a whole new dimension of utility to alchemica which is just awesome. A little bit of magic :laughing:

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We can move them already. This was given out in the bible 4 and via hangout.

The teleporter is a great idea… I think we can add value by making it KEK and ALPHA heavy to build, and have them act like magic phone booths(or BTC nodes) and you pay to use it. The owner at each end sets the rate, 10% is burned, and 10% goes to the Realm Bug Bounty pool.

This would get competition going, and give people incentives to build way out in the grid, as well as drive value for D1 owners and people who are near points of interest.

Another idea, to tie in with the EYES discussion… Eye color can be used as your crafting color. By default, crafted items all look like. For a fee, you can use the gotchis eye color, as the color of the highlight areas of the model. There are only a few colors, so this only requires a tiny bit of metadata to accomplish. At the least, this should be enabled for walls.


While understandably we’d like to avoid too much pay2win on the Gotchi side, I think there is potential for Lickuidators to lean into the P2W mechanic. Maximizing havoc should be expensive, and the price could be lots and lots of alchemica. Lickuidators desire alchemica, right? So it would make sense thematically if it made them more powerful.

This could be done through two means:

A persistent Lickuidator “tech tree” that can be developed by spending alchemica. This will permanently unlock abilities and traits from which a player can pick and choose for their Lickuidator loadout. This would give players variety in their Lickuidator playstyle, and allow Lickuidator raiding groups to come up with their own unique strategies based on individual loadouts.

The other sink would be expensive but powerful boosts that greatly increase the Lickuidator’s abilities. These are not permanent and would be lost upon the Lickuidator’s demise. With these, it would be interesting if a percentage of the spent alchemica was stored on the Lickuidator as a rewards pool, which would drop after the mighty lickuidator gets vanquished. The downside however would be in big guilds investing heavily into boosted Lickuidators, using them to wipe out local infrastructure, then returning home and allowing themselves to be slain by fellow guild members to recover part of the spent cost. High risk, but high reward. Perhaps this would be desirable. But it could make the wilds outside the Citadel especially dangerous, as it incentivizes this kind of adversarial play.

I know I’m making this suggestion before the Lickuidator chapter gets released, so it may be rendered moot. But I thought I’d offer the idea.

EDIT: It occurred to me that the Lickuidator “tech tree” could be an NFT. This would let players sell developed, premade tech trees on the Bazaar.


I love it!

What if we rig it so the best lick is going to be that ridiculous mechalick seen in the promo video?

Design the tree so that by the time of the great battle, if one of them has leveled up their lick enough, it’s become a city destroying behemoth.

We need real villains and we need those to be the best players.

We can slow the dumping of alchemica by giving them a tournament of sorts, through this tech tree, as clearly, during the great battle, the lil licks will get rekt like zerglings, and the mechlick will be like godzilla, and most likely get to plunder the portal.

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It would be great to build in a medium-deep lickquidator upgrade system that burns alchemica. The base free lick is extremely weak, but careful play and spending of alchemica can upgrade you into something that can actually take on a loaded gotchi and steal its haul.

Still a long way off, but it’s clear to me from this playdrop that every part of the game should draw one further in. We do not want a permanent class whose optimal strategy is to dump daily.

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