Gotchiverse Bible Chapter 4 Discussion

16 harvesters can fit on a humble, yet you can only build 4… Which basically limits the harvesting utility of the land and forces you to build other installations… Maybe this is a good thing for the aesthetics of the gotchiverse, but I’d rather let players decide how to best use their parcels.

i agree with you on that it limits play style and maybe even strategy. but perhaps there is some mathematical explanation for the limitation.

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I agree with you, guys! Limit seems useless and it would be very good to hear mathematical explanations. Perhaps CoderDan can share it with us here later. Hope it

A big brain move would be to build fud and fomo harvesters as everyone focuses on kek and alpha. You need fud and fomo to build almost anything, so we might see a decent burn in those supplies… The market will decide what people are going to harvest.


I have a question regarding the regular Aaltar. Is the crafting recipe really 0 or will it be the same amount as the le golden Aaltar?
Screen Shot 04-23-22 at 10.06 AM

Regarding the announcement of the two major releases you mention that the Aaltar will get burned when you will unequip it. My questions is:

  1. Will the Le Golden Aaltar also be burned?
  2. What will happen to the Aaltar when the parcel gets sold? Will I lose the Aaltar as well, because I cannot unequip it.

its not the same cost as LE golden, it will really be free so it seems

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Interesting. Thank you.

I think that we should have some of the questionable items be both.

With the system they have provided, all that is needed, is to give the obvious weapons, two slots, just like the other wearables, and fill them with 2 weapon bonuses.

Essentially, you start a gotchi with 1 ranged and 0 melee, then add the traits bonuses, and then on top, the wearables bonuses stack. In stead of being “class weapon” it means that ranged and melee, are just bonuses, and some items happen to be a mix. As we add a third set of bonuses, this becomes even more powerful as a tool to expand variety.
This is a quick mock up of what that would look like…

For the way that these bonuses work… this is my vague understanding of what has been presented so far, using my gotchi, because I think most people own one like this and it’s pretty much the average build :wink:

Can’t this Maaker system be exploited fairly easily?

Couldn’t a land whale spread their parcels across different accounts with the help of some smart contract automation, then be able to upgrade installations more quickly and cheaper than someone doing the right thing and using one account for their land?

I misread the Gotchiverse Bible, the point above is not a valid concern.

How do different accounts have anything to do with the Maaker installation?

Build Faster with the Maaker Installation

By default a player is able to upgrade one Installation at a time. Equipping a Maaker Installation adds Maakerbots to your parcel, increasing the number of simultaneous upgrades that can be performed. The higher the Maaker level, the more upgrades can be performed at the same time. See Appendix for details.

All parcels are equal, right? It is not saying that 1 account=1 upgrade at a time. 1 parcel=1 upgrade at a time, more with Maakerbots.

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You are right fren. I misread it.

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When building an estate, can we use the space inbetween parcels to build installations or can we attached tiles to it?

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its a good question. but i dont think so, if it was possible, im assuming it would have been mentioned or demonstrated in one of the examples in chapter 4.

NO. You aren’t really even in control of the walls. If one gets broken, you need to uninstall and reinstall the ends to make the autogenerator fix it for you.

You ARE however blocking off a section of verse that alchemica could spawn on, though, so there is a small gain there in potential yields from renters grinding on your land.

Small question of clarification in the document.
In Estaates, 4a Building Rules Alignment:
“…but must at least share a corner.”

On the later page with three examples of invalid linking of parcels, the bold text states:
“If parcels do not share and edge they cannot be linked.”

In a later section on waalls, the example shows two humble parcels linked by just a corner with a single waall strip in between.

I don’t know if the middle text in this post needs clarification (must share an edge to be linked).

cannot wait for the next chapter