The Gimpening of Humble Parcels

Delete this please I did some incorrect early morning math

This shows the total cost of an aaltar against the total supply.

  1. All the land sizes have the same number of harvesters per square, as their limits.
  2. With the one build at a time + makers addition to the rules, using a bunch of humbles or reasonable, vs using a spacious is like getting free makers.
  3. A lot of people just bought humbles to have altars, for their massive gotchi pile.
  4. It’s called Humble :smiley:
  5. You cant fit 16 installations on a humble, if you have walls.
  6. You have the size of a spacious wrong. Its 8 Reasonable. The spacious is the one that got gimped by the max levels. There’s room for about 200 harvesters on a spacious.


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Thanks for clearing that up. I got my math wrong with the spacious. If admin can delete this please that’d be appreciated

lol why would you put walls on a humble? Secondly elaborate on the “free maakers”. Idk why you are “land shaming” humble owners at lot of them did not have the opportunity and/or the finances to buy enough gotchis to make a sufficient amount to buy a spacious :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think it’s useful to leave it here.
I don’t think any less of you for bringing up your concerns.
And others might have similar thoughts that need the clarifications.

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[quote=“Quincy1971, post:5, topic:3744”]
why would you put walls on a humble
[/quote] To protect it in the great battle. The defendability of parcels, and the durability of installations, is being left out of all these discussions on “utility.” Once we are out in the grid, and during battles, these things will matter.

No idea what you mean by land shaming? A humble is what it is… the smallest viable piece of land. It has its own benefits and constraints. It is less efficient use of space, because geometry. It has advantages in the BRS rolls, and in how fast you can build them out, and its priced like that.
They are either currently way over priced, or spacious is underpriced. Based on the ROI’s… the spacious is WAY underpriced and the humbles are about right.

What I mean by free makers is, if you take 32 humbles and a spacious, all things, should be equal, but they arent, because the humbles, you can build 32 at a time, and the spacious, 1.

lol given its size, the placing of any walls would imo be a waste of limited space that some other installation could occupy. Well the cost of those 32 humbles would be about 3 spacious currently so idk if i would go that route, and on either you can possibly “spam” build and for now all lvl 1’s are “insta-builds”. Either could possibly “spam” build its entire cap at once with the required resources. A maaker is really only an upgrader and now that is realize this imo it should be called an “upgrader” or “maintenance” installation.

I dunno where you are getting instabuild from… The L2 altar is 2+ days deep, and the 3 is on day 8 , and you are locked in doing nothing during that time. Multibuild is a huge advantage in the early game. The maker is definitely for the spacious parcel, and completely unneeded for the humble, and for reasonable… you’d have to be pretty impatient, but it does make a little sense to do a L1.

This isn’t entirely true as the reservoir takes up space and handles multiple of the same level harvesters. A top level reservoir (going off memory here) can support like twelve harvesters. This isn’t possible on a humble. Not to mention every single humble would have to have an aaltar of matching level.

It seems to me with the current setup the best strategy for a humble is to focus on one maybe two alchemica types at a time

The humble has far more sunk costs that are indirectly related to rate of extraction.

I do agree about the current pricing of lands.

I agree 100% This is how I would run a humble, for sure. The humble game is more about going with the roll. Honestly, managing a pile of humbles is probably the more interesting game. There is more money to be made in spacious, but its more of a gamble, and long term commitment.

I would do the same on a reasonable, actually. It always pays better to lean into the high roll.

In case this tactic is not apparent to all, a strong use of the smaller size parcels, or even spacious, if you have a LOT of them, would be to skip the low roll and go harder on the others. You could also use an extremely high roll as an excuse to level up one type to an extreme, and bank that progress for the next time you get the roll, as you will be only one ready to utilize that capacity.