LE Golden = Removable

This idea had some positive responses in Discord #ideation.

The point is simply making golden altars removable. They’re such a historic piece of the gotchiverse… it seems like their use and value has been underwhelming. If they had the ability to be moved to other parcels (retaining their level), as the gotchiverse expands… they would be a lot more appealing.

I kept the title more broad/general as I believe when lodges come around. we should get a Le Golden Lodge with the same characteristics.

As the game expands out into the grid, there would be no better way for established players or guilds to show they mean business by moving a high level golden altar and/or lodge to their new outpost. In turn, these would presumably become prime targets for liquidators to inflict some damage.

Welcome everyone’s thoughts and comments :slight_smile:


Interesting idea and a very easy lift on the dev side! Looking forward to the discussion :rocket:


I dig it.
Should there be some form of penalty for the removal and reinstallation?
Like the installation on the new land still requires all the block time?


Probably needs some sort of cost still right?

To get an altar to L9 with GLTR currently costs around 4k GHST so introducing this mechanic would definitely have some positive price pressure on LE golden altars. I could see non-owners of golden altars being very against this idea as it’s a pretty big advantage if you build an L9 altar and can jump it from parcel to parcel. Literally every time you move it you save 4k GHST so move it between 10 parcels and thats 40k GHST saved.

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very fair point! I really like @notorious_BTC’s idea about the block time, since a substantial share of the cost of altars is block time.


I absolutely love this idea. I also support having to pay the full GLTR cost to move it (8M GLTR for L9). This creates additional utility for the golden aaltar and a GLTR sink. You can imagine that it would take a long time to move a huge aaltar made of gold, but that it wouldn’t break like a standard aaltar which is why it can be moved. You have my vote 100%


Thanks fren! I also like that it invites for people/the meta to start thinking more in terms of multiple parcels and future expansion. We have been hurting for reasons to own multiple parcels.

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Love this idea, and it would also be great if we could replace regular altars with golden and maintain the level (for a fee).


Realized there is a complication when removing while there are still high level installations on the parcel.
It seems like it would have to leave the donor parcel in a failed state until a new altar is brought up to tech tree validity. In effect this would be even more of an alch and GLTR sink. Could also have all installations perform only up to the level of the new growing altar.

Alternatively, If all installations must be removed first- that would be a huge detractor for people to even do it, making this prop a niche use case thing.

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I really wish I could do this. I was saving my golden aaltars because I didn’t know what my survey rolls would be. Again, big GLTR fee for a replacement? That would be awesome

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I’m in favor of props that give favorable value to OG crafted items such as our lovely Le Golden Aaltar and Tiles. I appreciate the utility of subsequent releases such as grass and smol tiles as alch sinks as it only makes sense to maintain the alch values. But I think it also makes sense for the value of items that we crafted early to have a reason to increase in value as the general market conditions look more promising (AaveGodchi willing).


I’d like to see this tied in with the craftable materials idea, and my ‘heavy mover’ idea.

The priveledge of moving things parcel to parcel, should have a high cost to unlock.

Owning a heavy mover might in fact, be a good business, similar to where in farm country, the person that owns the million dollar three story tractor is a service provider to the entire county.

If you make it hard enough to craft, the market should automatically help it retain value, as it will almost always bee cheaper to hire than craft your own, and only the bold and the early, will go down this road.

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Here I was (wrongly) assuming you were referring to Lvl 1 GAs only, which would be an easy lift and wouldn’t break anything.

But if the intention is to be able to remove the altar after it’s leveled up, then that will be much more difficult. Making a Level 1 Altar removable easy, but in general the game and contracts are designed so that higher level installations cannot be removed, and if they do somehow get removed, they cannot be equipped. If you’re asking to be able to unequip a Lvl 9 GA and re-equip it to another parcel, that would be a huge overhaul and would raise a lot of questions

Also, a parcel cannot be without an altar if it has harvesters/reservoirs/maker. That would break the tech tree, spillover, and all other mechanics that require the Altar being present.


idk if this would be feasible, but we could consider a few options here:

  1. if we can allow to move the golden aaltar, you wouldn’t be able to un-equip it until the current parcel is clear or aaltar-dependent installations
  2. if you un-equip golden aaltar, it downgrades 2. An L9 becomes a 7. An L3 → L1

You cant just mint one of appropriate level, swap the ids, then burn the one it is replacing?

Alternatively… what if you can swap a golden altar with any altar of same level, on other land you own? A one for one swap should be fine?

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What the OP is suggesting is being able to remove a leveled-up GA and place it onto any parcel. That would break the rules of the game (and many of the smart contracts).

One option that could be feasible is replacing a normal leveled-up Aaltar with an equivalent skin of a Golden Aaltar. To do this, you would need to have a Lvl 1 GA in your inventory, to prove that you have the LE GA, and then you could do a tx that replaced the normal leveled-up Aaltar with a leveled-up GA.

That is very possible.

But removing a fully leveled-up GA from a parcel and moving it into your inventory, that’s not gonna fly.

The main ask here is that as a LE item, it would be nice if the GA could be moved from parcel to parcel. Maybe removing a GA from a parcel could mint a new Lvl 1 GA back into your inventory, which you could then use to skin a normal Aaltar on a new parcel.


I’m not sure how I personally feel about this, and am sure I have the unpopular opinion.

I made an early financial commitment to craft LE Golden Aaltars and carefully selecting the two expensive properties I would build them on. As per the rules we were given, I knew I would need to be very careful how and where I developed these limited edition properties as they could not be altered once built.

This is a large part of the prestige of the LE installations and what makes them limited. As investors, we knew as each GA was installed, it was removed from the pool and would need to be burned if we were not careful with our commitment. Changing them to skins on regular aaltars doesn’t sit well with me.


Fair points fren!
For whatever it’s worth, the spirit behind original idea is not about a substantial buff or revision to the LE Golden altar, but rather a framework for people to think of expansion and owning multiple lands. The impossibility of moving a leveled altar or lodge has nipped that in the bud so to speak, which leads me to think this is now a low priority effort (now its simply showing a specific item some love) with many other more important things in the gotchiverse taking precedence.

I do like @coderdan’s solution above, should it be not as time consuming to implement:


Thank you for your reply fren.

Maybe a fair solution would be a compromise on coderdan’s point above. If the idea really is more about expansion, then it would be best to allow removing the GA from an existing parcel with the choice of either burning and receiving half of the alchemica back or returning the aaltar to our inventory with no refund. Then instead of skinning another regular aaltar which is built on an existing parcel, the GA can be used to expand onto another parcel.

Of course, with the current prices in the baazaar it would be much cheaper to just purchase another GA. But I’m just trying to think of solutions without totally moving the goalposts that us original builders based our strategies upon.


I think this would be the easiest way to influx some life into the LE GA price. It is after all a decoration for aaltars and all everyone has in their inventory is level 1 GAs so there’d be no losers. It would just match the level of the aaltar you put it on and go back as a l1 in your inventory (the level does not even matter at that point but it would make it simpler on the dev side I guess) if you uninstall it.

The aaltar is such a proeminent installation that it make sense to have skin(s) for it. I feel this will really ciment the OG status of the golden aaltar. The price difference for it is paid already so it really comes down to it being tied to a parcel for scarcity but I don’t think the market has ever adjusted to it, at least not on the upside. Pricing a parcel with installations is already difficult, I bet even those who placed it on a parcel thinking it would add a premium would be happy to see some more utility for it and have the option to move it or sell it.

Please let move this along, I’d love to use mines and I am sure it would make it more attractive to some