Remove Harvester Limit on Humble Parcels

GM Frens,

The limits on how many harvesters you can put on a parcel were put in place when the recipes favored building many low level harvesters instead of upgrading. The reason you can only put four on a humble, was to make it so that humbles were not the cheap spammy choice.

We have changed this, to recipes that mostly build straight up, and this is fine, for the larger parcels, however, this does not work well with a humble parcel. There is no room for doing anything creative with your build, and the high level altars you need to achieve profitability, cost almost as much as you would make. There are very few situations, where it is not better to simply sell the humble and spend the extra 50 GHST on a reasonable, as the reasonable will have 4x the alchemica and 4x thee available harvester slots.

I propose that we remove the limit on the humble parcels so that more creative building is enabled, and humble parcels have a use as more than just a mount for an altar.


Part of me wished we had used the current reasonable size as humble, and had something in between it and spacious. I agree that creativity is indeed limited on humbles, but I don’t know how having more harvesters will help too much. But anyway, I do agree that we might as well open up what space there is on them and remove the limit if it’s no longer mathematically relevant. :ghost: :+1:

I guess the only thing that I could think might be a concern would be breaking the hierarchical tier of benefits that each level of larger parcel offers. Like, just that it feels strange saying “level one is unlimited, level 2 is less, and level 3 is more than that but not unlimited.”


A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. The new recipes increased the ROIs of humbles quite significantly. Cheaper reservoirs meant less up front cost, faster breakeven times and better ROIs.
  2. The biggest handicap to Humbles isn’t the build limits, it’s the spillover. 65% - 50% for levels 1-3 is what’s holding humbles back (and all low level builds). Find a way to turn spillover back on with much less extraction cough cough Fractionalized Land Renting (turn spillover back on) and farming humbles will become a lot more viable.

I think these things go together. Letting people build more lower level stuff only helps, if the spillover is accessible.

This is a helper idea… its like buying your idea some nice new tires, so it has more traction :wink:

I don’t know if ‘unlimited’ is necessary, but I do believe that they need at least 6, to be able to even be interesting, from a gameplay/build perspective.

For example… you have a humble… you got 80,90,100,200% rolls. There is no reason to ignore one of these rolls… but you most certainly would want to double up on the 200, wouldn’t you? Humbles are already the hard road, no need to make it painful.

Also… while there ARE a lot of humbles, they are mathematically insignificant, as far as the total alchemica contained within them. thy represent over half of the total parcels by numbers, but less than 10% of the total alchemica. Making them a little more fun to play won’t do any damage overall.

MikeyJay is feeding some numbers into his model. Lets see what it says :slight_smile: