Gotchiverse Environment in Music Parkour


In Music Parkour, players navigate through obstacles courses, overcome hurdles, and strike down objects to the rhythm of the beat.

For some time now, we’ve hosted various Aavegotchi themed giveaways. I’m Music Parkour’s lead developer and have also been a GotchiGang member since H1.

Music Parkour has been over two years in the making, with many ups and downs, and a lot of lessons learned along the way. Almost all the assets have been custom made by professionals, including the first songs we’ll be releasing with the game. You can find two alpha gameplay teasers on our website.

These teasers are set in the “Grassland” Environment. What sets Music Parkour apart is that Environments are not tied to a specific parkour (level) or song. Any parkour can be played in any unlocked Environment. This provides players with the freedom to customize their gaming experience and explore different landscapes while enjoying their favorite songs and parkours.

Access to these Environments is enabled by Environment NFTs. An Environment NFT is a digital asset, stored on the blockchain, that represents ownership of a particular virtual setting in the game. They are tradable assets which can be bought, sold, and owned independently of the game itself. This means that as the game grows and evolves, the value and demand for these Environment NFTs may change, potentially offering an exciting opportunity for players and collectors alike. Ownership of an Environment NFT, unlocks that Environment in the game, allowing owners to experience parkours in that setting. Of course, not every Environment has to be token gated. The Grassland Environment for example is the default environment that does not need to be unlocked.

You can find out more about Music Parkour’s ecosystem on our website and litepaper:

You are also very welcome to join our freshly minted Discord and share your thoughts about the game and the litepaper. We’re still looking for feedback, it’s not cast in stone yet:
Discord Invite

The game is written in C# using Unity DOTS / ECS.


In this proposal, I’d like to apply for funding from the Aavegotchi DAO to create a Gotchiverse themed Environment for Music Parkour. Environments can be thought of as reskins of the entire game, except that not only the skin (as in texture) changes, but so do most of the models. Here is an example of a Cave Environment (wip):

We propose a collaboration between Music Parkour and Aavegotchi DAO to create a Gotchiverse Environment within Music Parkour. This immersive virtual landscape will reflect the unique design elements and thematic aesthetics of the Gotchiverse, offering a possibility for both communities to interact and engage with.

The creation of the Gotchiverse Environment will provide additional avenues for entertainment and rewards for both our player bases. This new environment will cost approximately 28k USD to develop, implement, test, and maintain, and we are asking Aavegotchi DAO for the funding to make this happen.

Regarding licensing the necessary Gotchiverse rights from PC, I already talked with Jesse.

How does Aavegotchi DAO benefit?

Besides being able to play Music Parkour in an immersive Gotchiverse-themed setting, here is what we offer Aavegotchi DAO in return:

  1. Exclusive control over distribution of the Gotchiverse Environment: The Aavegotchi DAO get’s to decide if the Gotchiverse Environment will be one of the default (free / non-NFT) Environments, or if the Environment will be purchasable as an NFT. In case of the latter, it also gets to decide if the offer should be limited or unlimited, as well as set a price. If Aavegotchi DAO decides to sell the Gotchiverse Environment as NFTs (limited or unlimited), they will receive all the proceeds, except for a yet-to-be-determined percentage that should go to Pixelcraft for licensing the IP.

  2. 100x Game Licenses. Game Licenses unlock the main game. We plan to use a freemium model in which users get to try 1 song for free. A Game License NFT unlocks the rest of the songs and parkours that are provided by us (not the user generated content though), as well as the ability to make your own levels.

  3. 32x Ring NFTs. Rings are the main NFT in Music Parkour. Rings allow players to earn tokens. For more information, see the litepaper linked above. We are contemplating to let Ring owners earn tokens, even without playing the game, to attract a wider range of users (including users without VR gear). Aavegotchi DAO could distribute the Rings as prices for (mini)games or events.

  4. Sponsoring of the first Gotchivision Song Contest. There are some talented musicians among GotchiGang. We’d like to sponsor a contest, where all of GotchiGang can submit songs they made and the 3 highest rated songs will win a UREEQA “Package of Proof” Validation for their song (or whatever service provider we’ll end up working with), payed for by us (LISCINTEC).
    From UREEQA’s website:

Validation - Package of Proof

To prove your work’s authorship, ownership, and originality

For higher value creations, creators will want the highest level of protection: Validation. Validation compiles a Package of Proof, including third-party analysis and verification of the authorship, ownership and originality of the creator’s work. A patent-pending process performed by global UREEQA validators and enabled by UREEQA’s technology platform, generates a Package of Proof documenting all steps taken by UREEQA in a responsibly minted NFT. That NFT is hashed on the blockchain as a secure and permanent record of proof, accessible anytime and anywhere. This is key to helping creators monetize their work.

We’re hoping to work with UREEQA to enable musicians to license their music to the Music Parkour project in a seamless and trustless manner.

We are also happy to share any of the related 3D assets (that do not require licensing) with the rest of the Aavegotchi community for other devs to use. My guess is that the Aavegotchi and wearables models should probably be fine, but I’ll ask Jesse about it, just to make sure.

Cost breakdown

Conceptualization 1.200 USD
Conceptualizing the Environment so that it is unique in it’s Gotchiverse aesthetics, while still compatible with all other environments, so that our premise that every parkour can be played in every Environment remains to hold true.

Graphic Assets 10.928,96 USD
This includes, style finding, ground textures, pillar, castle system, giant root arch, various stones and boulders, beat object, mine, pit, lanterns, button, rune stone, bridge system, rope, palm trees, pylon, various other Gotchiverse objects for decoration, beams, 1x rigged Aavegotchi, 4 animations, 7 wearables.

Development work 6.800 USD
Integration and coding.

Testing and QA 5.600 USD
Making sure everything works correctly, fixing bugs, etc.

Maintenance 3.400 USD
We not only plan to add various other Environments to the game, but also add additional obstacles, and other functionality to the game as we go. To retain value of any and all Environment NFTs, this requires updating all Environments whenever we introduce a new obstacle or function.

Total: 27.928,96 USD

If our proposal is accepted, we propose 3 payments of 1/3 each. One upfront, one after half the Graphic Assets are done, and one after completion of the Environment. Payments could be made in stablecoin or GHST, whichever the Aavegotchi DAO prefers.


We hope Aavegotchi DAO will favorably consider this proposal and look forward to the possibility of working together.:ghost::sparkling_heart::musical_note:

Please share your thoughts, so that we can iron out any kinks before submitting a snapshot proposal.


I’m all for this proposal :heart_eyes:. i think a gotchiverse themed environment is a great idea and would love to see a partnership between the DAO and Music Parkour.
The Gotchivision song contest would be :fire: too!


Interesting, beautiful original initiative. I will definitely go take a look. Keep it up, it’s promising frens!


Sigprop is live now. Please make sure to cast your vote frens! :ghost:

Aavegotchi DAO: