Gotchiverse Game Bible Chapter 3 Discussion

Option C seems to make the game broken. Too favourable for whales.

How does it break the game? None of the numbers are set.

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Regarding communal channeling, does the guild get a portion of the distributed alchemica?
Also, since gotchis can be members of up to 7 guilds how will the guild appartenance for gotchis be determined exactly?

Option D -

Myth auras are either a buff for allies, or debuff for enemies, and Godlike Auras are both.
Aura ranges are specific to the type of buff/debuff, and color coded. When rendering them, stack them with smallest on top and don’t put the transparency pass on untill the stack is made, and that will give you a rainbow at your feet that shows at a glance what is going on.

The advantage of this method is that as godlikes are so rare that it will be extremely uncommon for a gotchi to have multiples, and as it’s a common behaviour for someone to sell all their mythicals to get a godlike, the godlikes should stack up faster. As the godlike is getting a buff/debuff only, instead of allowing 2 buffs or debuffs, it should keep it from being too abusable, while giving the player a nice step up, were they to consolidate their wearables into a godlike.

This also allows us to structure abilities as four tiers. T1-4 are common through legendary, and then at mythical one of the items abilities turns into an aura, and at godlike its a double edged aura.

The tiering system also makes it easier to assign multiple effects to a wearable, and balance it. A legendary wearable may have one T4 ability, or two T2 abilities, or even four T1 abilities. For example… a T4 item that is an obvious melee weapon, may simply have T4 melee damage. A legendary sign, may be a T2 melee weapon and have some other T2 buff ability. The Aave sign might be a T2 weapon with a T3 Leverage buff, that has a T1 aura for the leverage buff(a leverage buff would be something that amplifies a power, vs liquidators, but only if your health is above a certain percent. Having multiple leverage buffs from same protocol could get you low liquidation rates :wink:

Regarding point 4 (allowing rented Gotchis to channel on PArcels owned by the original owner)
Do you think there is the possibility – contract-wise and UI-wise – to assign different sharing-ratios for picking-up of Alchemica and Channeling of Alchemica?
For example: regarding picking-up I would want to give the borrower a 70%-cut, but in the case of Channeling I would want to retain 70%.
Is this in any way feasable (at some future point in time, when the mechanics are established)?
Of course: such a provision would have serious impact on how the timing of lending/borrowing would work.

#3, Can multiple lodges be tied to same guild insignia.
Example guild might have multiple lodges across the gotchiverse.


How is it going to be implemented that one Gotchi can only be part of 1-7 Guilds depending on its XP?
I assume the insignia crests will play a role in this, but since they would sit in the owners address and the owner might have multiple Gotchis, I would like to know how this will work.

Some questions (all given my Gotchis own the right wearables):

  • If I own 2 Gotchis, both at level 1, and 2 insignia crests in my wallet, can one Gotchi channel with guild A and the other with Guild B (assuming they don’t channel simultaneously)?
  • If my Gotchi is part of a Guild, will I be able to attend all their weekly channeling events if this Guild holds more than one wearable crests?
  • If I own one Gotchi at level 1, but more than one insignia crest, so as an owner I am part of multiple guilds, how will it be determined which guild my Gotchi can be part of for channeling?

This will all get particularly complex assuming an owner e.g. has 10+ guild insignia crests and many Gotchis at different XP levels. From how it is written in chapter 3, I would assume that for each Gotchi I can choose individually which guilds it is in. Furthermore, I might even rent additional Gotchis holding the right wearables to channel in certain guild events.

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In this context, they used the word guild, to refer to lodge access, not as being a member of a player group that we also call a guild. You should check out the recording of the bible hangout. I think they covered this pretty early.

I do not find anything on that particular community call about the guild channeling events. Are you refering to an earlier call? I haven’t been able to attend all of them, but the last one I was listening to.

I get that the insignia crests would grant access to the guilds lodges and the wearables would grant access to the guild lodges with the same crest and the channeling events.

I assume that the limit of 1-7 guilds that a Gotchi can be part of also means that one Gotchi can only take part in as many guild’s channeling events. There I just wonder how this could be limited?

I thought the insignia crests could be part of limiting it but since I can theoretically hold an insignia crest to every guild in my wallet, and I can hold one to many wearables to every wearable crest in use and equip those to different or the same Gotchi at different times, I cannot think of a way this limit would be implemented.

I’m sorry, I just dug through everything again and I can’t find this. I hate verbally transmitted information for this reason. It must have been the voice call on last Thursday for Rarify Farming.