Gotchiverse Paatch v0.1 Thread

Hey frens, let’s use this thread for discussion of the Gotchiverse Paatch v0.1 items.

If any specific item gets a lot of discussion, we will create a sub-thread for it, but for now we can keep the discussion all in one place.

Blog post on Paatch v0.1: [VOTE NOW] AavegotchiDAO End-of-the-year XP EXTRAVAGANZA | by Aavegotchi | Dec, 2021 | Medium



An “achievements” approach does not require depleting an Aavegotchi’s kinship. Instead, high kinship Aavegotchis will channel Alchemica at a slightly higher rate, depending on their achievement level.

What are those achievements? Are you referring to the Kinship Level? If so, this would put all Gotchis above 500 Kinship on equal footing, correct? The “Inseparable” level is also inflationary, as more and more Gotchis will eventually reach it as time goes by. I remember when we were told how incredibly important Kinship was going to be. We were hyped up:

" i hope you guys are petting your gotchis hard btw, gonna need that high kinship for ze realm (can’t say any moar)"

“need that high kinship” sounds very much different from “channel Alchemica at a slightly higher rate”.

Furthermore, Kinship burn was not just fitting storywise (Gotchis not loving having to perform labor for the man), but it was also going to stabilize both the Alchemica price as well as the High-Kinship Gotchi price, as you would basically be able to convert Kinship into Alchemica.

Instead, you either have to burn the kinship (hurting your poor Aavegotchi)

Which is what we expected it to be from the info we had up until a week or two ago.

or install a parallel, in-game only, kinship score that we can see becomes quite cumbersome in implementation.

You guys are the devs, but wouldn’t it just be 1 more feature in the Aavegotchis subgraph? Something like “burnedKinship”. Then you have the original Kinship untouched in the subgraph, as well as how much was burned. From that you can calculate this alternative Kinship in-game simply by subtraction.


Gotghiverse Patch V0.1 seems suitable for the community.

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That’s right, every time a kinship is “spent” it would emit an onchain event that we could index and put on the subgraph. Then we would probably want to have multiple fields queryable, one for “originalKinship”, another for “burnedKinship”, and a final for “kinship” (subtracted). It’s a bit messy in that 3rd-party developers may not know which value the actual kinship is. After discussing it a lot internally we came up with the idea of just simplifying it by using achievement levels instead, which preserves kinship.

If passed we’d probably do another SigProp to see exactly what the achievement level rewards would be per channeling. If the community does not like this change, then it’s also fine – it won’t be included in the CoreProp patch.


My concerns and reasons for being open to 0.1C are based on the confusion so many new comers have experienced in the auctions. Participants see the auction map which highlights boosts as arguably the most important feature (colors, icons, and the only concrete numbers given) and then later learn that the surface level boosts mean far less than expected.

This isn’t about being a bailout in my eyes, this is about better aligning alchemica allocations with what our game’s auction UI already conveys. This is possible for two big reasons:

  1. Tokenomics have room for this. The adjustment doesnt come at the expense of the land parcels base allocations.

  2. Zoom out and we are super early in this endeavor. Do we really want all of the future land distributions to continue to convey this same confusing imbalance between what our eyes intuitively see on the auction map and what the facts of the allocations offer? We are only two presales in, if there is a time to remedy this discrepancy, it would be now.

Consider, there has been a lot of new adoption and aping during the auctions. But aping is a relative term. Even those who put in a number of hours may still not have grasped the ratio of size of parcel vs boost.

I’m the last person to advocate for a bailout, but I dont view the 0.1C vote in those terms. I see this as a chance to better align the token allocations with what we actually see with our eyes in the UI.

That’s the reasoning. Whether or not we feel its enough to justify the 0.1C implementation is up to you.


The confusion is in part because you don’t give any objective numbers beforehand, but also because of the community’s shortsighted hype and obsession with hoping they’ll 100x in a few weeks (or 10000x in a few years).

Someone was under the impression if you burned kinship to channel alchemica then you ruined your leaderboard score. Funny. You didn’t have to save kinship for the leaderboard because when you’d channel it would look like this 0/567 kinship , it would drain your kinship, but the score would still remain for you to participate in top 100 kinship competitions. Redundant choice imo, couldn’t you guys figure out how to add the 0/100 mechanic? I also heard something about your staked tokens APY raising with your XP levels and kinship, what happened to that, not feasible?

Anyway the channeling faster idea can work if you add more categories to kinship. It’s been so long almost everyone reached inseparable kinship.

There’s A LOT of confusion as to how the game functions even since day 1 when everyone thought ARS will play a big part in the leaderboards.
Same for eyeshape and eyecolor playing a big part in minigames and something bigger, meanwhile all the minigame creators completely avoided using the eye traits in the minigames and the devs did not bother telling anyone what the eyes are suppose to do.

Anyway everyone completely ignored the fact the alchemica boost is just a “poorman’s guaranteed” that you’ll own SOME alchemica, they completely ignored that when the metaverse released the Chainlink VRF will grant at random A LOT of alchemica, but that’s mainly on the dev team for not stating numbers and making it clear enough. Right now I have no idea if the VRF awards one type of gotchus alchemica based on the boost and area its in or if it awards all 4 like the rainbow parcels.
Right now even with ALL the boost proposals passing I think those whales who bought 28 KEK spacious lands are going to get burned, now it depends on how hard they’ll get burned.

Lack of concrete info that and the community is incredibly hype-driven, 3000 GHST for a gotchi mug for God’s sake. Or was it 10,000 GHST? and that was because they thought they were buying ID 0 & 1 mug when ERC1155s don’t have unique IDs. And from how much I remember overpaying didn’t stop there even in future auctions when it was made clear some common wearables worth 15$ are not worth 5000-7000 GHST but they kept bidding for the GBM rewards or maybe it was 1 whale bidding to itself. Whatever happened to those bidders? did the first person who bid too much on the gotchi mug get a refund?


On the subject of 0.1C, are there any figures on how much additional total alchemica will be added to the supply? I see some examples of a reasonable parcel and a spacious in the medium article, but I haven’t found anything about total supply of boosts. I am going to guess this number is small enough that it won’t have much of an impact, but as someone who read the literature provided to everyone and did the 5 minutes worth of math to understand exactly how much alchemica comes from a boost square, I would feel a little cheated if this passes. Most of this game is geared toward community engagement, but this change seems to benefit those who were not so engaged at the expense of those who were.

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Actually no additional alchemica is added to total supply. Across all of Paatch 0.1, there is no change to the total alchemica token supplies.

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So more of the fixed supply will be allocated to the boosted parcels then? Is there a figure that can represent total alchemica for boosts now vs 0.1C? I’m just thinking if we can assign an actual number as it relates to the total supply (before vs after like the individual examples given) it would make those of us that invested heavily in un-boosted parcels less uneasy about this.

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Hello !

Small question about patch 0.1d (kinship boost): Can’t it become a problem if Aavegotchis doesn’t consume kinship when they channel from above? Because if it allows them to have a passive income, won’t we find almost all the gotchis in the game doing nothing but channelling?

My concern is that I hope the game will be full of active players who like to have fun as much as to earn income. But if there is a button that provides an unlimited way to earn alchemica, I’m afraid that it could massively change the behavior of the players. In this case, the consumption of kinship was a form of limitation to channel from above.

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Patch 0.1a - Yes, this is great to see.
Patch 0.1b - Sure, this seems reasonable.
Patch 0.1c - Hell no. Even my 3rd grade niece knows how to read.
Patch 0.1d - Yes, great upgrade from the original idea.
Patch 0.1e - Yes, where else can we worship the Pixelcraft Gods?
Patch 0.1f - Yes, the DAO needs representation in the Gotchiverse.


Unfortunate that 01.C looks to be dead in the water. Looks like it’s time to dump all the nicely located, carefully chosen, boosted parcels I bought, and just buy fat clump of 100% spacious parcels in the cheapest area in the citaadel, because nice location and boosts don’t actually matter. Hopefully the floor won’t be too high next auction. Hate being one of those silly plebs that didn’t both read the info and do the actual math in it, but I’m doing a bout a hundred things and my friends want me to party with them on the weekends, so I always end up doing the auction in the back of a taxi or in a friends bedroom while a party rages downstairs. Not the best place to read docs. Anyway, I guess I’ll know for next time.

P.S. Vote yes on 0.1C and let me keep my pretty parcels!


Personally, I agree with you. Passionately. The impression among newcomers was that boosts were good enough to compete for - and that added excitement to the auction overall. Kill that, and we kill a huge swath of newcomers, who will all go away and shit-post Aavegotchi across the web.

And if we think good memes are great, imagine how much we’ll like getting flamed.

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What justification do you have to flame the community because you didn’t do enough research before making a huge investment of capital?


Coderdan it would be good to get some examples of what the achievement levels could be based on.

I am assuming the achievement level will be related to Kinship only and no other score like XP or certain activities being done in the Gotchiverse.

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Think bigger! Your choice parcels’ value could (and I argue should) mostly come from things other than a baseline boost.


100% Agree. Although I see the reasons why this might have come about but this disadvantages those who took the 10 minutes to read the medium articles and do some quick maths. Lots of people were mentioning in the Discord as well that the boosts are likely overhyped if you look into the readily available information put out by the team.

Feels like this 0.1C would punish those who A) spent the time to read the literature put up by the team and B) deployed significant amounts of capital to secure Citaadel land plots in order to help those who didn’t read anything and just aped in hard becuase the map looked pretty in those areas.

Maybe I’m off the mark and to be fair I’m heavily biased as I spent all of my GHST on non-boosted parcels however that decision was based on time taken to research the auction/realm mechanics that were available at that time. This project is amazing, the people, the team, the little gotchis, everything and is so much more than just the alchemica boosts so either way this goes I’m not going to be wildly upset or anything. I would lose the desire to go through the literature in detail and participate in discussion around strategies for the game though as the alchemica allocations for the boost vs the base parcels was pretty darn clear, not like it was some off-hand comment said on a hangout once or something.

Whether or not other players feel the same way I guess we will found out in the vote but adjusting game mechanics to cater to those who don’t read the articles or participate in regular discussions about the game (a.k.a participating in community) at the expense of those who do may make some of the superfans a little jaded.

Would be keen to see some dicsussion/points for it from those who did stack up on boosted parcels though and what their initial justification was to pay up to several times multiple what the non-boosted parcels were going for.


agreed sir. i loved this narrative too.

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I don’t think there’s ever any justification for flaming. But, it happens.

Also, I would NEVER flame this community.