Gotchiverse Onboarding Quest (bot solution)

Currently botters are rampant in the gotchiverse (estimates from PC are 20-50% of players) and are extracting all the yield from the main gameplay loop (collecting surface alchemica). These botters have no intention of reinvesting into the game and are a constant downward pressure on alchemica prices with no return to the ecosystem. The botters can be detected but not stopped as they can just create a new address after getting one banned.

Introduce an onboarding quest for new addresses entering the Gotchiverse. The quest has 4 main elements:

  1. Introduce the lore of the gotchiverse
  2. Introduce the wider Aavegotchi ecosystem
  3. Require a pickup of ~10 GHST worth of alchemica
  4. Hand the alchemica into an NPC (or great portal?) to be burnt

Only after this onboarding quest is completed are withdraw capabilities from the gotchiverse enabled for an address. If at any time an address is detected as botting during this quest then the quest cannot be completed and therefore withdrawals aren’t allowed.

The purposes of this quest are:

  1. Teach new players about the Aavegotchi ecosystem and gotchiverse
  2. Give PC time to detect bots before they can start extracting from the game
  3. Reduce the downward pressure on alchemica prices
  4. Remove added complexity of invites/cartridges
  5. Keep the gotchiverse open to anyone


  1. Technical feasability from PC
  2. Do we have a mechanism where by current assets holders have this quest automatically completed? If so what are the requirements and how do we prevent botters from gaming it?

There are about 3-4 different threads on the bot invasion now. I really like this idea. If we have a dedicated BOT hunting team combined with more stringent onboarding measures then we might end up in a situation where bots are getting banned quicker than they can rejoin. This would surely be a solid long term solution to the bot invasion.


A good tutorial has the potential to kill multiple birds with a single stone. Adding barriers to entry can easily turn off casual players from our game entirely which is where the cartridge model can become dicey, but if the barrier to entry is cleverly constructed to work as a marketing and onboarding tool to suck people into the gotchiverse and get them hooked / educated on it, instead - well, we can have our cake and eat it too.


Really love the idea of an initial quest for all new-joiners. Thanks for bringing this to the DAO’s attention.

Rather than burning the alchemica entirely, I would rather they be able to craft a basic NFT. It can be a new NFT that’s built solely for the purpose of this onboarding quest. Maybe it’s a Plush Gotchi or Portal? We could even make it non-transferrable. This would serve the same purpose as burning the alchemica entirely, but it would at least give them a token reward.


I like the three pronged approach here…

  1. From our side, we have our Sheriffs and Deputies, doing the human, labor intensive, man on the ground work.

  2. On PC’s side, they un the cartridge eco system, because this is NFT stuff, and needs a top down approach(with guilds and larger owners being the social filter) to be effective, as they will want to tweak and adjust things, and do things that aren’t public, as it IS an arms race of knowledge and info here.

  3. In the middle, we can do this idea, which is more of a collaboration between the DAO and PC. There are a bunch of us, that answer questions non stop, and have a very good feel for “what do you wish you could tell everyone and make sure they know it” I would be down to curate a list of the most common issues, in the DAO meeting board, and the people who are setting up the quests, could use that as a feeder, for what this weeks lessons will be.
    Maybe setting up some “dummy parcels” in the PC districts or DAO districts, would be ideal for this. Each one, can be set up to be used by anyone, but not actually work, just let you try the things, and they can be spread out, to lead the player across the map, so they learn various topics. The quest could be set up so that by the time you are done, you’ve collected a full load of alchemica, and have a nice payday, and maybe we mint them a POAP at the end, that they can use in discord, and it gets them out of the newbie zone and into the channels that are currently clogged with the same five questions, all day long.

We could even give a little primer on “where you should post in discord”, so they know how to get help or where to make a suggestion, or where it is appropriate to ask about token prices, and where it is appropriate to get timing questions answered, and most importantly TO CHECK THE ANJNOUNCEMENTS AT THE TOP BEFORE ASKING, and also maybe, just maybe… Teach them the SEARCH FUNCTION.

In fact, in regards to the search function, this is a quest in itself. We could have them searching for the answers, or the next place they are supposed to go, on discord, and make a trail of info where they teach themselves to fish…


So I don’t think the cartridge mechanism would be needed if we went with this approach. They both aim to solve the bot problem via preventing botters creating new accounts. Imo this approach is cleaner though as it keeps the gotchiverse open to all and avoids having yet another system in place/layer of complexity. It also have the added benefit of introducing an onboarding mechanism for new users which we’d need at some point anyway.