GotchiGuards - Protecting the Gotchiverse

Hey all! I have created GotchiGuards, here’s a quick rundown of the goal:

GotchiGuards is an open group of passionate aavegotchi fans who wish to protect the integrity of the game.

We believe offense is the best form of defence. We are dedicated to discovering & building ways to bot, automate, and gain unfair advantages in order to help the aavegotchi team improve security and game mechanics.

Anyone can contribute and become a GotchiGuard, join the discord to meet likeminded folks and collaborate.

GotchiGuards is not monetized, it is free to use any and all tools built by the guards.

The current GotchiGuards task is attempting to automate Gotchiverse alchemica collection.

Here you can find a Gotchiverse bot that free roams the map to collect alchemica, available on mobile as well.

The upcoming goal is to target the positions of dropped alchemica and automate movement towards the drops.


I think this is a great initiative, but rather than releasing the botting tool for everyone to use, can you share the botting implementations privately with Pixelcraft Studios so they can test their anti-botting tech against the bot to measure its effectiveness, identify weaknesses and improve their solution?

I think something like this should get a DAO grant to incentivize improving anti-botting systems in the Gotchiverse. Botting if not addressed sufficiently has a real potential to wreck the game.


I think the DTF should be putting up a bounty for any bot/exploit technique that has not already been given a bounty.

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Grants or bounties to combat botting would be a phenomenal idea!