Idea how to handle Bots

Hello gotchi gang!
While todays dao meeting i understood that we have no clear plan how to win the war against bots.
Discussion about cartridge was about “dumping” and other Ethical stuff.
Thats interesting but the main problem which could ruin the game and our investments is bots.
After luna crash we can clearly See that all threats should be hande with no mercy. Espesially on downtrend. (if Alchemica is our marketing budget to onboard New users. … MB its better to use it when gamers can actually stay to play the game? )

Its Hard to detect bot Quickly. So we can add some time for bot task force/ other methods to do their job.
VE curve model has been added to many protocols and we can discuss how we can use it for our purposes.
Fist idea: taking Alchemica from gotchivers give you “staked Alchemica” wich not transferable but could be used for crafting.
User can sell it only after unstaking period which is enough for detect bot (lets say 5 days).
If user was marked as bot by trusted comunity members he cant use Alchemica in any way.
In a controversial situation user could get it after kyc (for example). But he cant do it next time he marked as bot again
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Great thread idea…

After reading your proposal I thought perhaps a ‘bot check’ challenge with a time limit could populate randomly in game… then if a bot fails the challenge the associated wallet is perma booted if it’s a hire Gotchi… the owner is flaged and forced to submit a bot report where it would be easy to determine if it was a hire user committing the fraud…

Welcome Frens :slight_smile:

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Yes it could be different methods but time its a key. Becouse Bot cant be sure he will cover expenses.

If he can Cash out soon enough it is alwais possible to get his investments back at least becouse he could be unspotted pretty long

I also thought about this topic. There is a proposal that owners of Gotchi and land can dispose of alchemy immediately after collection (selling and crafting), and renters (without land and their own Gotchi) will have an alchemy lock for 3-5 days (maybe a week) before being able to sell or so on. We understand that bots basically do not have their own resource in the game, they only rent it. But, unfortunately, I am sure that the owners of Gotch use bots as well. I don’t know how to deal with it.

Does anyone know to what extent the bots have an advantage ? Can they see channeled hot spots in real time? Do they know where the alchemica is off screen?

I would suggest that if they have a big advantage over real players that we implement dans first cartridge proposal until we come up with something better.

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I think all New alhemica should be non transferable for a week. But it could be used inside gotchivers

Yes, they can see everything.

Players are cheating now, too and getting a 9x view distance, so we know the bots can at least see that far, if not further, and they can use the lands in the wallet, to teleport to where there are hotspots, so it’s kind of brutal.

We should back the idea the devs have, and see what happens. If it works it works, and if we argue amongst ourselves and try other things, and delay, it just continues, so… lets take the solution they have already mostly finished setting up!

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Sounds like there are a few double pronged solutions on the way. Dedicated BOT hunters and more stringent onboarding measures. But should we not stop spillage whilst they are being developed?

No, we should just get it going… they can probably have the cartridges out the day the prop passes, and if you think anything will save alch prices when there is a land raffle coming in a week, you ae going to be disappointed :smiley: Everyone is trying to get liquidity, lets not blame the botters for what is largely us, at this moment. We didn’t stop em during the whole playdop, when alch was FARRR more valuable, so doing it now, when we are the ones dumping to buy tickets, and swoop weak hand wearables, and make moves, is too little, too late.

Take the opportunity to get some cheap, if you need alchemica :smiley: It’s going to be expensive later, when there is all of a sudden a bunch of land that has no alchemica to build it out, and then the harvester rush comes, immediately after that, and then they slam the lodges in, and the endless decorations, and the other shenannigans.

Yea completely agree, not really worried about alch prices though. But the Bots irk me somewhat. They add zero value to the game and are getting served up a free meal every day. And they are using up valuable dev time. Sooner they are dealt with the better IMO.

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Bots are the main threat for the succsess of the game.
We should not start harvesters Rush before we will See bots capitulation

Thats quite ironic but i get bun with no appeal with “confirmed” Bot activity)
I have 90 gotchis and dont gather alhemica obviosly. Just rent gotchis and channeling my parcels

Today Coderdan argue that bots could Cash out by crafting NFT and dump it on bazzar. Thats True and it should be used with combination with cartridge/test period/reputation sistem.

But In the end we need utilization of Alchemica.

Thats why incentive for crafting and using bazzar (burning of GHST and more fees for pixelcraft) instead of selling on dex is a good way to give more value for ecosystem.

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The beauty of encouraging someone go through a crafting step, to exit the ecosystem, is that it protects the crafting token from the people who only collect it for money, by making those people burn it instead of sell it. From an owners perspective, we need the stuff to build, so we are less likely to do the crafting. This makes a nice symbiotic relationship, that has some nice balancing elements in it.

What if we tried to introduce more info into the open lending market? What if rather then borrower execution for rentals the approval was needed by the lender and we built a bit of a borrower profile into the UI. This should allow for the lender to better evaluate if the renter is a person or bot.

  1. List gotchi for rent.
  2. Borrower expresses interest in rental.
  3. Rental contract awaits owners/lender approval. Owner reviews borrowers profile.

Borrower profile includes/viewable by owner:

  1. Authorization with Discord (discord handle)
  2. Borrowers rental history, similar to the “performance” page on
  3. (Optional) - liquidation/ sale history.
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U cant punish me if i rent to Bot becouse i cant be sure. But without punishment it will not works

Could spillover collection be re-worked so it could only be collected or accessed when more then 1 aavegotchi is working together?

For example we go back to the larger denomination pieces, but rather then just moving over it to collect, at least two aavegotchis had to come together to pick it up? Maybe like get close and press “e” or perform some type of quest or procedure that required human coordination (through in game chat?) The players involved would split the pick up evenly.

I feel like this keeps with the social ethos and would be a good way for players to get used to working together… I guess this might slowdown game play,

Would it be difficult to implement something like this? Would this be easy to bot?

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