Alchemica Channeling to also count as a Kinship interaction

Hey frens,

As we spend more time interacting with our Gotchis a few times a day in the Gotchiverse, it makes sense to me that Alchemica Channeling, Harvesting and other Gotchiverse on-chain interactions also count as a Kinship interaction (currently only petting, dressing or chugging).


  • Less on-chain transactions as we’re Channeling/Harvesting anyway
  • All in one location - within the Gotchiverse


  • We might not interact with all of our Gotchis daily
  • There is no one-click solution like a petting service

I’m sure there are many more pros & cons. And also reasons why this shouldn’t be implemented. But I’d like to welcome any discussion on the topic.

Thanks frens,


Add the word also and you have a winner, IMHO.

Petting could be the backup or used for if you are non-verse, but as long as you’ve channeled, you are good for 12 hrs.

Or do you mean that the channeling would simply count as a pet, which would be a neat mechanic as well, because if you were smooth, you could pet once a day, and channel once a day, and some manual petters might pull ahead/save on gas.

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Thanks for the discussion and feedback. Great point, ‘also’ has been added.

And yes, channeling counting as a pet is what I mean. As we know, a ‘pet’ is just proof of interaction with your gotchi and the idea is to interact with your fren on a daily (preferably twice daily) basis to increase the bond or ‘Kinship’ between the gotchi and their master. Since we need to interact with our gotchis to channel, this certainly ticks the box as an interaction.

Also, I agree that there will be those who won’t necessarily enter the Gotchiverse, but just remain active on the Aavegotchi protocol layer. For this reason petting should remain as an interaction. I know personally I’m not yet interacting with all of my gotchis in the verse so I’m still using pet all twice a day to cover my bases.

Thanks again!

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