H1 Gotchi's Alchemica mining bonus

Thinking of ways we could differentiate H1 Gotchi’s from the next haunts (long term), and rewarding the pioneers of the Gotchiverse. Wanted to throw this one out there.

All H1 Gotchi’s get an Alchemica mining bonus. This could even be a small bonus, and it would prevent H1 Gotchi’s from getting devalued in any way because they have this special quality.

Any thoughts?

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h1 will have a background, soon it’ll be dropped in. (my guts say that, not me lol)
h1 have badges dat no other will have.
h1 up in xp + lvl
h1 might be up in kinship (cuz some of da mastas did care at all lol)
OPing someone means that we will curve the balance not keep it flat.
I think all of us want more fiarness then power over some-ones.

Nothing personal, but i think it will be not a good thing for the future. IMHO.


I didn’t take the other factors into account. The BG addition and Baadges of course! I threw this post up right before going to bed, should have thought it through a bit more! I actually agree with most of your points lol. I think kinship and Xp will play into the rare-ness in the long run for those that keep their petting game pristine, and keep engaged with the community of course.

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