Hiring professionals

I propose we collectively hire professional economists, game theorists and marketers to handle the DAO.

Only question is who to trust. Who here has the knowledge and connections to hire the right people?
I know there’s people you can hire who specialize in finding the right experts.


resident unprofessnional degen economist here. but if need to know about capital flows call me mr flow.

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I agree with allocating a certain budget to hire these professionals. I think we can trust the team to find people that have a good fit within the organization and expertise.

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They do not, at least not Dan. The team is too new to have any connections, at most they could find a producer/manager or someone else who specializes in finding talent. You can find economists in academies, universities, college, just make sure you check him beforehand.

Crypto Bull tradars group was texting yesterday about AMA, that’s the way we make connections in this space. I think it’s for must, to give them one of the team members to talk about the questions that will be on the table, but honestly, cuz crypto people are easy to get scared, no lies :slight_smile:
Also, i think we should investigate russian and chineese(also korean and japanese) comunities, traders, gamers, collectors.

I’d like this idea revisited. It would be interesting to see a game designer’s take on the aavegotchi traits+items in relation to the minigames, as well as an mmorpg’s economist’ take on the Aavegotchi economy.

I think the team’s time & money is better spent developing the crazy amount of stuff on the roadmap and creating a fun game instead of hiring some “professional” in a suit who’s going to do… what exactly?