More power to the buildoors

Should installations yield a higher vp? Maybe tied to their alchemica cost. My reasoning being that those that are invested In building the verse would vote more responsibly.

I see what you’re getting at, but installations, alchemica, and decoration should not provide any voting power to the Aavegotchi protocol. These are all Gotchiverse assets and not “Protocol” assets run by the DAO. It’s especially complicated as alchemica is extraordinarily volatile and unproven and your installations are based in alchemica, not GHST.

True. But In the other hand naked parcels do provide vp based on their “listings price” /2 Could installations be considered with tiered vp amount based on their level and base cost?.. Or give vp to l9 only? I think it would not be currently a problem but when alc goes to peanuts because of the extractoors it would give an attack vector for a parcel maxi to do 51 attack. If vp would be based alc cost In ghst currently( daily snapshot) that would mitigate the risk slightly… Maybe that would be too much calculus work for the back end though.

We actually just need to separate verse voting and protocol voting.

Would limiting channeling be a verse or protocol vote?

What a perfect question.

Now apply that thinking to every game that uses gotchis.

This is a very deep conversation that needs to be had.

Channeling data is not stored on the protocol smart contract so it’s a verse type of thing


…and abandoning the curve would be a protocol vote. Voting on protocol would be ghst only and voting in the verse would be verse assests only. Why do we need the separation?

Because the verse is not the protocol, it is a PC product. PC has stated that they intend to make more games, and top tier developers will hopefully be making games as well, and this means that there will be assets in these games, that are not part of the protocol, but in those verses, they will certainly hold weight.

It’s better to be clear about how these things will be decided, from a rule based system, as opposed to awkwardly trying to vote about it once it’s happening.

Proactive > Reactive

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I see. I think this needs a separete post to define the separations rules. But for the original question I think it would be wise to Grant voting power withing the gotchiverse votes for building.

this makes me think of a concept i had thought of a while back as far as making more “eco-friendly” parcels slightly channel more. from an actual smart contract standpoint more transactions is more computing which is more energy which is more footprint etc etc.

my idea was simply put to make parcels with less transactional output lets say enjoy a slightly higher “aesthetica” rating which could be a slight multiplier to channeling.

in my example based on how many improvements to your parcel you made in tiles/decorations your land would be more beautiful and more beautiful for the world. as well as producing less dilution of alchemica through harvesting but slightly more through channeling.

this would incentivize a totally different style of play than we have currently aswell while not being quite as difficult to implement as say a complex harvesting operation. it’s quite simpler to pretty your parcel than to do a bunch of installation math.

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