LasMeta x Aavegotchi

Greetings Dear Team,

We’re reaching out you from LasMeta VR Poker Gaming Platform and would like to open up a line of communication regarding possible partnership and collaborations including co-marketing.

LasMeta is a play-to-earn VR poker gaming platform built on Ethereum Blockchain and powered by Unreal Engine 5. LasMeta is not a gambling platform also games are free to join. LasMeta has both an ERC-20 governance & utility token and a 7000 pieces of NFT collection named “Gambdeers Club”.

LasMeta’s target audience is GameFi, NFT, Metaverse and De-Fi. Our mission is to strive to build the world’s largest, inclusive and borderless VR poker gaming community. It’d be great to chat in detail about how to collaborate and partner.

Thank you and wish you all the best!

We do not leave related links here, thinking that we may violate your DAO rules.

LasMeta Team