Aavegotchi Mobile support and device/GAAMEBOY

Partner with Gridlattice or Ledger or trezor to build out a dedicated gotchi taablet (or smaller) with cold storage built in would be ideal, something you could take anywhere and do all things gotchi like the OG keyring tamagotchis. Moving quick on the mobile verse is key to mass adoption. BIG partnerships with Nintendo perhaps to make it look like a gameboy? We gotta think big, Im sure this has already be thought on but I believe this would produce lots of sales for the DAO and PC and move on becoming a household name.
At least mobile support on phones would be a great first step to set towards a continued goal of aavegotchi everywhere which I know PC is working towards.
We should set a budget to start engineering this idea into reality that incorporates AR/VR, mobile web3 browsing/streaming, game controller wifi/bluetooth etc. and safety for web3 gaming assets into an “all in once” brand name device that partners with a longtime gaming company such as Ninetendo .


Thank you for reviving this discussion fren. It’s been lurking in the distance of the roadmap for some time now. I’d love to see some progress on it. Here a link to the previous thread:


thank you for the link to teh previous thread! missed that one

2024 = Hardware Wallet :eyes:
Lets push to have an estate of this feature ; does any hardware company showed any form of interest ? Do any Pixelcraft member tryed to contact Ledger or Trezor on this matter ?