Games eco-system opinion 游戏生态建议

Hello everyone, my name is GREY, and I have been learning about the project of Metaverse recently. For the game itself, I have an idea to increase new players to join our AAVEGOTCHI family and balance the future market price and game ecology of AAVE.

1)关于AAVEGOTCHI,数量是有限的,所以价格会随着时间增长,这点对想要入场的新玩家有很大的门槛,建议以后可以出租AAVECOTCHI给新玩家,然后可以用AAVECOTCHI玩小游戏产生其他收益如ATOKEN或者其他代币 然后合理分配收益 这样可以增加新玩家的加入和流动性。

  1. Regarding AAVEGOTCHI, the quantity is limited, so the price will increase over time. This has a big threshold for new players who want to enter. It is recommended that you can rent AAVECOTCHI to new players in the future, and then you can use AAVECOTCHI to play mini games Generate other income such as ATOKEN or other tokens and then distribute the income reasonably, which can increase the participation and liquidity of new players.

2)对于装备,除了外表上有所不同,我建议可以在神话级的装备上显示发光的效果,我觉得会很酷。2) Regarding the equipment, in addition to the appearance is different, I suggest that the luminous effect can be displayed on the mythical equipment, I think it will be very cool.

3)关于游戏生态,稀有挖矿依靠BRS, KINGSHIP, EXP是一个很好得想法,但是很难吸引新玩家,毕竟我们需要新的流量。我建议可以做个短期收益的游戏或者线下活动,小游戏比如PK模式赚FRENS或者其他代币,因为只有质押会让玩家没有游戏体验。线下活动比如每个国家地区可以搞线下活动去做推广和引流,甚至可以对战的赛事,然后赢得FRENS或者其他代币。
3) Regarding the game ecology, rare mining relying on BRS, KINGSHIP, EXP is a good idea, but it is difficult to attract new players. After all, we need new traffic. I suggest that we can make a short-term profitable game or offline activity, mini games such as PK mode to earn FRENS or other tokens, because only staking will make players have no game experience. Offline activities, for example, each country can engage in offline activities for promotion and drainage, and even competitions that can be played against, and then win FRENS or other tokens.

Purely personal opinion, I hope that the dev team and players will work together to make the game better and better. What do you think? Thanks!