Level up. Abilities and paths

What if there was a possibility change your gotchi at a certain level. Lets say half way, level 17 would give you an option to further tune your gotchi. I am thinking maybe 2 possibilities.

A. The possible abilities would be in par with the gotchis maToken. first ability.
For example Uni gets to choose between “rainbow trail” ability or “star twinkle” which you could use within the realm. Maybe the abilities would be only a fun thing you could do or would have a functionality implemented. In our example Unis could become the scouts of the realm drawing pathways to guild locations within the realm. Star twinkle does something else :slight_smile:

B. The chosen path leads to a conclusion. 2 scenarios. at level 17 you could choose between 2 pathways. 1 leads to gotchi becoming a real being and getting a ability to reproduce with other same path gotchis. Breeding unlocked. Other path leads to ether aavegotchi becomes More ethereal and in the pinnacle could become completely vaporous and could be made a pet or attached to a parcel in realm, haunting the area as a npc!

C. Other

  • A. maToken abilities
  • B. Material / ethereal path
  • C. Other

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I think this is a really fun idea :slight_smile: I don’t know exactly how it would work with abilities, but it could be really fun for the NFT’s to ‘evolve’ at certain levels. Maybe at level 10 etc. They could have a visual change or even have yet to be released trinket slots become available, further allowing gear boosting.

This would add more utility to the level mechanism much like real mmorpgs :slight_smile:

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good thinking this could lead to more people interested i think when i becomes more and more of a game

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