Introducing Evolving Pets

Introducing Evolving Pets

I’d like to formally introduce the concept of evolving pets and see if this is something the community is interested in funding for further development and execution. At a very high level the concept is simple: feed your pet and it evolves into higher rarity tiers. This is a familiar concept that captures the nostalgia imbued in our namesake while also offering a powerful sink for ecosystem assets. It leverages the work of the Forge to provide a non-inflationary path forward for new content, community creativity, and lore-building. Per my usual posts, this is in early ideation and open to all feedback – expect lots of changes between now and the final product which will surely be better with community input.

Goals of the project:

  • Engage the community in creation of content and storytelling
  • Expand on the success and love for pets
  • Increase pet aesthetic and trait variety
  • Create a sink for gotchiverse and/or protocol assets
  • Nurture strong emotional investments in the native assets

The Pets:

We would run a community-held competition to develop multiple pet evolution lines. We choose the best from that bunch, reward the winners, and turn that work into real pets! We work with the initial artist to convert their art to the schematic series (this is a lot of work, but the great Oliver Spoon and Xibot can execute). When your pet is ready to evolve based on predetermined economic metrics, you smelt it and receive the schematic of the evolved form (the schematic of the preceding form would be burnt) as well as the regular core and alloy. To evolve your pet, you forge the new one with the next tier core and next tier alloy which would be obtained through the market or future sales. You then repeat the process to evolve your pet all the way to godlike. In this way, the entire evolutionary process is non-dilutionary to cores and alloy while serving as a sink for essence and our chosen token input.


This is the fun part for me at least! We have many assets in our ecosystem in need of love. I think this is a unique opportunity to service at least one. I am hoping for community feedback on their preference for what we should feed our pets. For all of the following, we would determine a % to be burnt and a % to the DAO. Here are some options to feed the pet:

  • Alchemica
  • Cores
  • Alloy
  • Essence
  • GHST
  • GLTR
  • Alchemica-GHST LP tokens or GLTR-GHST LP tokens (I think this could be a cool option)
  • Design a Gotchiverse installation that works with the farming contracts (probably too much work and would require significant input and aid from Pixelcraft)

There are lots of options here and we could even consider a tiered system where you used alchemica to go from common → rare; alloy from rare to mythical; cores from mythical to godlike. We could stick with escalating alchemica or we could try to keep everything within the protocol and only use Cores/Alloy/GHST/Essence in the evolution process. The economics will need significant work and consideration as well as acknowledgement from the community that our economics are very dynamic. Luckily we have MikeyJay and Oliver who I know are up for the task.

There are very fun lore opportunities here as well. You can imagine we pick 4 different pet evolution lines with match up with different alchemicas. It also makes sense that evolution takes a lot of time (GLTR). Perhaps this is where you could introduce LP tokens into the gotchiverse in a way that makes sense from a lore perspective and abstracts away the complex DeFi components. The gotchi mixes his alchemica with the substance that controls time and feeds it to his pet to evolve it! Cool right?

Potential path:

Geo → feed FOMO-GHST LP tokens → Smelt Geo when enough tokens are deposited → Get the next evolution of Geo (uncommon schematic) → Forge Geo II with an uncommon core and extra alloy → Repeat all the way up to Geo the godlike black firebeast

This project has many aspects with the community contest, technical execution, smart contract design, user interface work, economics work, partnership with Pixelcraft, among others. The Forge team is intimately familiar with each of these aspects and could deliver this if the community is interested. Please let us know what you think and if it’s worth us pursuing further. If so, I can discuss at an upcoming DAO meeting and put together a prop.



Great idea. But I think gotchis are pets. pet’s pet. Seems a bit confusing. Nice idea though. In addition to the main line, more gameplays have been developed for in-depth players to try.


I assume pet in this case is referring to wearable pets like rofl and cacti?

As rarity level increase, the less number of pet there is.

So how would one be able to obtain higher tier core by “evolving” if there isn’t a matching number of pet core from lower rarity to higher rarity? (Assuming for some reason higher tier pet owner all smelted their pet and put the core on bazar/gbm)

I am not sure what I am missing

Can you please kindly explain so I can understand how “the entire evolutionary process is non-dilutionary to cores” work

If core is obtained by “future sales” how is it “non-dilutionary” ?

I think this is a cool idea but my issue with it is that it feels like it only impact a small number of aavegotchi members. Only a certain percentage of the community will use the forge, and even a smaller number of members have pets. I would prefer if the DAO focused its efforts on something that would impact more of the community.

Personally I’d like the DAO to create it’s own aavegotchi-based game. We’ve had rarity farming and Defi for a while now, I think it’s best to focus on the game portion of this ecosystem. Feels like it’s the furthest thing behind by far.


Thanks for some early feedback! Yes, I’m referring to wearable pets but we would likely choose ones without evolved forms as rofls and cacti already run from common to Godlike.

There will be some cores available on the market as the Forge debuts and people smelt their items for something else. Also, it is a good thing if we can create new demand for cores! A world where everyone wants to evolve their pet and is willing to buy a pet core in GBM is a good thing. We need to demonstrate demand and create paths towards advancement prior to diluting the market.

The Forge debut will feature 300 common cores for sale in GBM. This is a nice kickstart to pet availability to bring people onboard to the idea and get them interested in evolving their pet. There will also be 50 Rare Pet cores GBM’d further increasing accessibility. If we see lots of interest and people evolving their pet from common → rare, we can feel more confident about selling more pet cores. All of this would require the user to obtain alloy from the open market or from smelting. In this way the mechanic is non-dilutionary towards the entire wearables market which is tokenized with alloy.


I am also curious how many people will engage with the Forge and I want to do everything I can to increase engagement and accessibility. This creates a reason to engage that didn’t exist previously. I agree with you that we need to create fun ways to engage and have some sort of game to play. This effort is within the scope of our current constructs and offers an immediate token sink and new access for community members who otherwise weren’t planning to engage with the protocol through the Forge.

I appreciate your brainstorming on developing a full game and your fun discord post recently on ideation. I also hope for more games built on the protocol and members of the Forge team have an idea pretty far along in development, so keep an eye out for that. This plan is something we can execute in the short term. I also appreciate ideas and proposals that bring a team to execute instead of hoping someone else will do it.


Since common is the lowest level. The 300 common core introduced wouldn’t be used to “evolve” the pet from common → rare.

Is my understanding correct that the 300 common core are intended to create 300 new common pet that is completely new?

Only 50 rare pet core are introduced at forge launch.
So there is potentially 300 common pets …but only 50 of them can evolve?

Is it correct you need a rare - pet core to evolve from common?

Thank you for your help

Here is how many pet cores will exist after Forge launch which limit the total number of pets per slot:

  • 7600 Common
  • 1500 Uncommon
  • 550 Rare
  • 200 Legendary
  • 150 Mythical
  • 16 Godlike

Like you said, 300 of those common pet cores are “completely new” as passed by the Aavegotchi DAO in the Core Framework document (Core Framework - Ratios and Calculations.xlsx - Google Sheets). This document will be actively managed by the DAO and can guide future core releases. The DAO can consider the market demand and to sell pet cores which would generate revenue and support our ecosystem. Alternatively, we could let the value accrue to the holders of pet cores and strictly have no more sales. Likely, we want to find balance between these two options.

You need an uncommon core to evolve from common → uncommon. You need a rare core to evolve from uncommon → rare and so on.

Thank you for the explaination / link to document. That really helps me understand it.

There doesn’t seem to be many listing of uncommon/rare pet on the bazar even tho the total for each is 1500/550

bazar listing:
28 uncommon
6 rare

50 rare core will be added

300 → 28 → 56 is the part I am still a bit confused about

If there is sufficient market demand, people will sell their pet or also get excited about evolving their pet. Scarcity is simply a constraint that helps us contain and direct value.

Initial reaction: I think it’s a cool idea. At its core (no pun intended) from an economic perspective this seems like a more gamified way to release schematics into the market rather than just raffling or auctioning them. I think it’s okay to consider assets outside of the GHST-Gotchis-Wearables value loop, such as alchemica, as a cost to evolve since the result doesn’t inflate cores, alloy, or schematics at all.

I wonder if it might be interesting to think about whether or not you should be able to get the evolved version of a schematic back when smelting an evolved pet- perhaps the schematic would revert to the original unevolved version.

I might also like to see some RNG chance to get a version with a special cosmetic (like a shiney Pokemon).

I also like the idea of having a requirement for players to interact with their pets through some sort of minigame in the gotchiverse or something that can’t be automated.

Lastly, I think we should not underestimate the power of expanding upon lore and for players to form a deeper connection with their assets. A lot of intangible benefits to something like this.


we are thinking of this pet idea as a change or augmentation to existing pet architecture.

i think we could be missing an opportunity here to create a lower tier entry into our ecosystem and a new equippable slot. an evolving pet is in a lot of ways similar to a gotchi. so what if instead it was a new kind of familiar that could serve as an ecosystem entrants avatar at a more accessible price point but still be served by the same ecosystem resources, and with the daos coordination there could exist whole gaming experiences for this lower tier ownership. could be a way to grow the gotchigang, bolster liquidity and teach people more about our ecosystem.

This would be a continuation of current structure. We already have examples of pets that evolve over multiple rarity tiers in ROFLs and Cacti.

I see your point but the development of a new slot is very technically challenging and expensive (lots of time for smart contract work and UI changes). Once we get closer to large-scale adoption and 10,000+ users, it could be worth the investment. This effort would also pave the way to role out such a product efficiently. To participate in this proposal, you don’t need to own a gotchi or even land. You would just need the pet wearable.

Sounds interesting and cool… but I think we are just going too deep with these mechanics. I’d rather see resources spent on features that can be more easily appreciated by a newcomer (e.g. something more akin to a game). I think that we need to go for mass appeal at this point. We just have so much complexity already…


I agree we need more fun games! Please see Oliver’s proposal for a Dungeon crawler here that could be pursued by the Forge team Introduce an Aavegotchi Dungeon Crawler

I think we need both new onboarding mechanisms AND developments that keep our current members engaged. It is much easier and cheaper to keep current customers than to acquire new ones. A lot of Forge work is to keep our current community and investors engaged in the ecosystem. This would be something for everyone but specifically aimed at newly onboarded individuals looking for a smaller entry point (price of a common pet).

A good correlation here is what Wizard’s of the Coast do for MTG updates and content. The new cards and meta changes aren’t going to be what attracts new MTG players. Those keep the current community engaged and spending money while adding depth and robustness to the product. I hope we can do something similar where we enhance our product, keep our members, and design more and more strategies to get people investing at a small entry point.


I think this is proof that there’s enough things the forge team can build that it probably should be their whole priority. IDGAF what they get paid, but I want all this stuff and I don’t want them doing other work, because this stuff is too important.



Thanks for the vote of confidence, fren! We have brewed a great number of ideas that, with community development and support, believe can really benefit holders and newcomers alike.

re: the evolving pets. I love this concept and believe it could be crafted into something exciting that players new and og alike would really get into.

The LP token feeding mechanism is pretty clever, especially if those tokens are locked forever. We can always use more liquidity.

I love the ideas which are coming forward that work to simultaneously tackle inflation and bring new paths of progression to players.

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