Name Districts in the Reaalm

It was just mentioned in the livestream, and it’s a great idea. Let’s be able to rename districts!

The key would be to get enough participation -

I suggest - in order to rename a district, a quorum of 5% of the parcels by land area would be required and and then 50% voting in favor.



An easy and useful upgrade. This should be decided by the local districts individually and should be a first great exercise for local governance!


I love this idea and think that it will help build sub communities / introduce people to their neighbors.


This is a great idea! I feel like it will add a ton to the culture and lore of the game. “So we were all chillin’ in Carlos Matos Heights and these licks just popped up outta nowhere, dude!”

Would be funny if a couple districts never picked a name and stayed numbers or maybe with informal nicknames that occur organically. Maybe we crowdsource a bunch of names and just hand them out? Either way, lfg!


I love the idea. It could be the first step to local governance.

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