Improving the in game chat feature

Hey frens!

During a recent twitter space hosted by Hefe we discussed a few pain points in the game and how we could possibly improve them. The gang had a bunch of great ideas.


Players are not utilizing the in game chat feature

Possible reasons:

The chat box is collapsed unless the player opens it manually
Players have no way of knowing that someone is attempting to speak to them

Possible solution:

When a player is typing in the chat a little text bubble can appear over their gotchis head, similar to how we can currently send little hearts and lighting bolts by pressing certain keys. Seeing a text bubble over a gotchi would prompt other gotchis to open their chat box to respond.

The text bubble can be 2 different colors, one for district chat, and the other for the entire map

Let me know what you think! Thanks frens!


Would be great to have a more social experience through better chat in the gotchiverse.

The main issue for me is screen real estate which obscures a lot of visibility of nearby alchemica.

A very small indicator above gotchi’s heads could work as long as it’s quite small and not an obstruction. I’d suggest maybe only if you’re being messaged directly (not even sure if you can @ ppl in the chat?) I suspect most people won’t care to open the box if it’s just non directed chatter.

At the moment though there’s also no need to chat in the gotchiverse other than to be frenly (or the opposite) - this should gain more traction once there are more activities requiring coordination.

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#1 instant boost to chat usage would be to make it transparent, because you cannot play with it up as it blocks 20% of the scree.

#2 issue is that it loads and reloads when you open and close it, and when you move from district to district

#3 is we need district forums for the district DAOs, as this is where organizing would be happening, and we could be finding those people whos land we want to trade for, or setting up district governments


Is it possible to have chat in a separate browser window entirely? I’d keep the chat open all the time if I could have it on a second monitor… or on my phone

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It sure looks like its just an IRC client or something… It would be awesome to be able to stay in the chat in your district, when at work, or when all your gotchis are rented. Being able to coordinate and support your scholars from the outside, would be fantastic.


The more I think about it, we should replace discord altogether

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A suggestion was made today, to use

I don’t know enough about it to speak to the quality of this service, but I do like the part that this is web3 and it could potentially be a more effective filter than anything else we have tried.

In its current state Lens is absolutely not an option lmao

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Thank you. I haven’t even gone over there yet. Aavegotchi is two full time jobs, web3 facebook would break me.

The pop out chat would be great, one accessible by phone, would be greater, but transparency of the UI is pretty much mandatory, or you just end up hiding it.

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I think it should be the same size as the current indicators, which are very small.

I never thought about the size of the chat box, you’re totally right, its huge.

Good idea about making it transparent.

Could you expand on why Lens is not a viable option? I realize it is not very developed yet, but as a primitive could it provide a good set of tools to build upon? Maybe even integrate with something like

Providing technical critique for the below post would be appreciated as well. Thank you

**Edit… Dan was able to shed some light on the issues around this recommendation…

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