Proposal: Allow buying one portal for every Aagent and Aragon voters

I believe that people who took an active part in the life of the project deserve at least one portal, as a recognition of their merits.

They selflessly studied all the nuances of the game in the hope that it would soon be useful to them, advertised the project, and also took part in the Aragon vote (paying for expensive gas).

In the case of a new haunt, there is a high probability that most of these people will be left behind again (especially if the conditions remain the same).

Hey fren!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m one of those, and that I already mentioned this issue on discord. Jesse replied saying that this would mean picking favorites, and they don’t want that. They are more interested in limiting the transactions, making raffles, etc.

I might agree with their suggestions, but I don’t really share his opinion, to me picking favorites would mean that they put someone interest above the rest without a reason. I believe that’s not the case, since there is a reason: we helped promote the game, made the community grow, participated in votes, raffles, migration, wiki, etc. I have already expressed many times that I feel it’s so unfair, we did all that and now we have to pay a high price to get our Aavegotchis, while others who just got here are making huge profits with our hard earned money. Or, wait for another Haunt, which means starting the game at a disadvantage since we’d have lower kinship.

BTW, I also mentioned the XP of the vote, Dan didn’t seem to like the idea of giving it to us in the for of an XP potion, so if you don’t have a gotchi within the first 30 days you might not get XP at all. He did say we’d have to approve any change to the original terms in the DAO. There was a proposal on snapshot that didn’t pass, so I don’t think the community will support it. I hope this changes, one guy in discord suggested that they could give us a non-tradable XP potion or even let us claim the XP in the future, but again, that changes the terms and the team doesn’t seem to be very inclined to do that.

So, fren, this is the hard truth. I hope this information was useful and I know exactly how you feel, but we have to accept reality and learn from it. Arguing now just makes things worse, there is a lot of anger, greed and hatred in the community at this moment. I wish you all the best and hope we can get our Aavegotchis soon.


Thank you fren for your such a friendly and informative response.

simply no no no no no no no

I’m happy enough with my agent set, but this is right. Those who put effort into doing the missions should have more say in the matter of DAO votes and more priorities.