New Structure: Non-working Aaltar [paused]


Currently, in order to build farms one must build aaltar first and the farm level is limited by aaltar level.

For example, if a parcel has a L6 aaltar, the highest level harvester/rez can be is L6


Even tho farming is one of the major sink. It produce aaltar as a side effect. This does the following:

  1. farmers are forced to channel (i.e. renting) to recuperate aaltar cost

  2. farmers are forced to hire scholar at higher farm level as it is not possible to use a L9 aaltar by yourself (if they decide to buy some gotchi)

  3. #2 leads to alch going to scholars who are more likely to dump alch

  4. Alternative is to sell “WL L9” for all the extra channelling they can’t use from building farms usually via fake gotchi making fake gotchi a token for L9 WL

  5. Alch competition leads to an increasing amount of high level aaltars even if one just want to farm

  6. Since there is -2 kin implementation, there will be potentially be 1000 L9 channelling available. This makes it less appealing to build farms w/aaltar as there is already extra supply of L9


A new aaltar:

  1. 50% cost of the current aaltar
  2. 0% refund
  3. cannot be used for channelling


Current aaltar/farms offers 50% refund so player are really only spending 50% of the listed crafting cost

This give them the ability to still spend that 50% but without channelling capability


  1. Farmers can farm without being forced to participate in channelling

  2. Decrease number of high level aaltar due to farming

  3. Remove the need to hire scholar to utilize new aaltar on new farms

  4. Give players option to demolish their existing farms to have a non-working aaltar instead but still have to pay 50% to move their farming equipment


This is intended as a new option. Both working/non-working aaltar will be available and players are free to choose which one they want.

I really haven’t really think about this very thoroughly.
This is just a draft.

All comments are welcome.
If this doesn’t work/make sense, please kindly let me know

Thanks for reading.

So whats my profit if i convert my 5,6,7s to nok working? Im not taking those parcels higher, and i dont channel on them, so, this cost me nothing.

That is kind of the point.
Those aaltar are useless. (L7 should still be usable for rentals)

Yea, the non-working aaltar cost you nothing (on conversion) because they are worth nothing. You still need to pay 50% to move the farm tho so its not really free.

(the new aaltar is 0% refund so this “free” conversion can only happen once)

But for someone new to build farms with a non-working on a new parcel it still cost quite a bit so it isn’t that attractive even at 50% lock up with this new structure.

This is all based on channeling centric thinking and we need to get away from thst or we’re doomed.

The primary point of land is not and should not be, to channel.

An altar is the trunk of the tech tree, and channeling is supposed to be half as important as mining, and equal to guild channeling, in its outputs.

To refactor that statement… of the alchemica one can get using gotchiverse land, 25% is channeling, 25% guild channeling, and 50% harvesting. Theres also the verse rewards and bubble ups, but those are at pc discretion, so the part the DAO is concerned with, is those three pillars.

We are at about 60/40 channeling/harvesting and dont have guild channeling.

Thats whats broken.

Trying to fix the thing without the 3rd peice is always going to end up rekt, because the lodges cost way more than the altars, and they are by far the coolest most fun thing in the roadmap.

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