9 lvl altar nightmare

With a 1h cd, the lvl 9 altrar is liability, not a feature.

Players literally have to join every hour to farm it efficiently. Which creates inefficiency in everything else.

Maybe instead do the same we doing with gotchis? give it 24 charges per per day?


I think it emphasizes the positive to have altars need to charge up rather than cool down, and we could have a compromise with the current system by making it more like a battery recharge than a battery replacement (current gotchi timer is a replacement because you can channel twice back to back, whereas the lvl 9 altar could add a charge each hour which would prevent 48 back-to-back channelings).


The bots will absolutely love this and the rental market will be all bots all the time, and there will be the most epic gas war at reset every day. You will switch from giving scholars a cut, to giving matic a cut.

The game is built to require helpers. Every time we cut the helpers out for QoL this gets closer to being pay to win and we send more money out of ecosystem to Polygon.


I think it is reasonable to delegate to bots tasks which are not productive for the game
I consider channeling action not productive

I don’t think anyone cares what you do with your own gotchis, ser. It’s when someone takes all the icing off the cake, every day, that we have issues.

I agree that channeling itself is not a game, but combining channeling bots with rental bots creates a system where a very small group of people(possibly one or two, if the fastest bot has enough land available. or is just working the vault rentals) ends up with all of the good opportunities and this creates a situation where other players are pushed out and the economy becomes so unbalanced that the overall game economy is impacted in a very negative way.

PS - I did directly ask Dan if I could just macro my gotchis using my programmable keyboard, and was told that it’s not allowed, but the only way I would get caught is if the anti bot measures got me. So… the official is that we should not do this, and if we do, it better be on the downlow, because there would be a loss associated with it.

I see no difference between me and any other player.

I need bots because I can’t grow quality guild members fast, and im very open about it. Yet only like 25% of my gotchis are farmed with automations, because I prefer to build my guild that way.

my argument is that not only I have this problem and it very unwise for us to spend resources on unproductive actions

we dilute the productivity of our guilds and community overall

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I think we may be talking about two different things. My concern, is that the rental market would be instantly dominated by a few “players” and the general economy would become toxic and drive people away.

We have players for you if you need some. Many guilds have far too many players for their needs… we want to see them work, not hoard them for later.

it can kill unnecessary functions of lending market, yes
but you will get the truth, we will know how really is lending going

Im using lending for 100% of my gotchis

I just put my l9 altar to free for all chan because no one has time for a 24 hour channel. I consider the altar for advertisement to come and visit the parcel. No one is visitin my altars though because free for all altars are indistinguidable from others. Maybe I do it with nft displays later on.


We need color coded permissions. You shouldn’t have to try to interact with something, to find out the permissions. A simple outline at the base when you mouseover, would suffice.