New Title for Parcel Holders

There was some talk today about what to call the newfound land owners.
So far I’ve seen Laand Lord and Laand Barons
Let’s put it to a vote :slight_smile:

  • Laand Lords
  • Laand Barons
  • Something Else (comment below)

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I’m a fan of Landowner or Laandowner. Baron is too much for someone who owns a couple humble parcels, and Landlord is inaccurate because many owners will not rent out their parcels. Plus the association with individual ownership is positive, Lords and Barons somewhat negative or grandiose.

I like the idea. Perhaps there could be different names for owners of the different plots as well?
S: Smolholder
M: Raancher
L: Aaristocraat


What about Land Baarons?


Also a nice suggestion. I like Land Baarons better, but it’s already called Laand which poses quite the conundrum!

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