Parcel Renting And Revenue Sharing :Now Is The Time

With so much inactivity in the Gotchiverce due to a mix of causes, it has become a ghost town (pun intended). We have an overwhelming amount of land that is not being used and the value is dropping. We have some owners with too much land and others that my not be in a financial position to fully fund building installations on their own. I am proposing that we again look at the ability to rent land parcels with yield splits. I am under the belief that this would stimulate the economy and bring value back to landownership.

  1. By giving landowners the ability to have a yield on otherwise idle assets
  2. Gives small landowners the option of help with the financial burden of building installations
  3. An excellent way for guilds or other organization to pool resources in a noncustodial fashion
  4. Gives landowners a more granule tool when channelings are done on their altars.

Some of the major drawback i foresee in implementing this are:

  1. Would there be away for a landowner to get back idle land once it has been rented? I would think probably not since everything is by smart contract. So independent landowners would probably only go with a shorter reasonable term but that leads to the next concern.
  2. As a possible land renter, why would I devote capitol into a parcel knowing that it would eventually go back to the owner? I really believe that this is more of a use case/nuanced answer and depends on your level of risk. You could be a guild with a few humbles and/or reasonables that you would like to lease to a few high performing scholars. I envision this as a path for many renters to one day own land themselves.
  3. At the end of the lease, will the renter be able to “burn” any installations that they built? That is another hard call. I would like for it to be a yes but if the land that is being leased already has some on them before they are rented, its really unfair to the renter. Best case scenario is yes with nothing on the land before renting.

I really would like everyone’s thoughts on this and ways we could make it better for both parties.

I just think that there would not be many ‘renters’ willing to put in the effort, when they can just buy a cheap parcel off the market and own it/build it up themselves.

The alch is not decaying or anything, either, so whilst it feels nice to ‘do something’ and build a farm… small holders really are not losing anything by not doing that. They can simply hold the land for speculation in the future, or build up their land slowly.
I would love to see the Verse become less of a ‘ghost town’, but I’m not sure that is really done through farming/channelling anyway… because the gotchis come in for 10 seconds, do their thing and are gone. It is nicer seeing more installations throughout, though. But what I’d really like to see is Gotchis themselves hanging out in the verse. I believe that this would help in that regard : Turn Spillover back on using turkey/paampkin smash mechanics

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Imo this would benefit large holders and guilds the most because they have already a repour with their scholars. I am envisioning this as a way for them to reward their scholar who are at this time still active in the Gotchiverse and many not have the funds to buy their own parcels (yes prices are really low right now but should pick-up do to rerolls). $50~$70 usd may not seem like a lot but in some places that’s a monthly food budget :man_shrugging:

Simply holding and doing nothing is always a choice. With the weird way humbles are currently set-up, they probably will not look attractive enough to most people to start farming them until around reroll #4 which should be around a year from now. Really do not know how or when spillover will return based on some owner’s views on the increasing amount of tokens already being put into circulation.

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