Turn Spillover back on using turkey/paampkin smash mechanics

I think that we should have the spillover alchemica (or some % of it) being put into randomly spawning turkeys/pumpkins/something else, as an always on feature of the Gotchiverse. When we have more gameplay in place then we may wish to turn it off, which is fine, but right now I believe that we realllly something like this to bring the Verse to ‘life’.

Makes sense that we have new monster/s over the previous holiday themed monsters.

I had previously thought this was actually the plan all along, as it seemed to go great and it was a simple concept, but then I don’t see anything coming of it, so I want to push for this idea.

Why ?

  • We desperately need some actual ‘fun’ in the Gotchiverse. Bring the place to life with some random excitement.
  • Encourage co-operation (you needed to get in chat and call for help at location X to build numbers), which binds community together.
  • Right now players/scholars have the dull/repetitive tasks of emptying reservoirs and channelling, but, if they have even a small % chance that something a bit more fun/rewarding will happen, they will enjoy the experience more + Gotchiverse will be busier, which in itself creates a fly-wheel effect.
  • I assume dev work should be very minimal due to it being basically already built.
  • More difficult to bot than random alchemica single drops + more fun for players than picking up alch scraps.
  • I don’t think it’s best to have all the ‘action’ in one place (e.g. Arena), and people need to go there to have any sort of ‘game’. This would also have a different vibe as it’s co-operative only.

Thoughts ?


100%. Even if only randomly a few times a day. Most fun I had in recent times. Its fun team activity to be on paampkin alert and together hunt down. Would not care if bots collected alch as so random and minimal. May even a good laugh to see bots attempt to kill and collect. Anything that brings more activity into the Gotchiverse, fun, and brings community together, is a huge win. A lot of eyes on us now and need activity in PC’s flagship game. Thanks for posting this!


We can just automate it. If there are 100 players with landlord title in the verse, spillover/enemies are on.

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With the pumpkins/turkeys the good thing is that you need a large number of Gotchis to take it down, so they could just spawn randomly and wander the map until they get taken down, right ?

I would imagine that ‘spotters’ would be posting on discord/chat, trying to get numbers in order to take it down.

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An interesting idea that needs to continue to develop.

Cuz by now, theres nothing to do in gotchiverse, but channel.

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