Partnership with optimism collective

I would like to propose for consideration a possibility of a partnership with a optimism collective. They are a L2 protocol like polygon but I think they might be on to something unique that might fit the aavegotchi DAO for a model of governance also.

What I am suggesting is a possibility to implement a second layer of governance besides token based voting power. The model of governance of the optimism collective is best described here: Governance Overview | Optimism Docs

I think it would be for the good of the community to give a voice to the small players, maybe even to those who do not own any gotchies, parcels or ghst. The general jist of it is that we would implement a citizenship program which would issue a citizen nft which would be non trasferrable to addresses deemed to be actual humans and active members of the gotchiverse. Those citizen could then vote on issues on 1 vote 1 person basis. The specifics would be determined beforehand but the actual idea would be involve all players of the aavegotchi to the governance of this game.

BTW. you all propably have some op to claim when it becomes available. You can check here: Optimism Gateway

I don’t understand why you need a partnership, to steal their good idea.

If we had a way to defend against a sybil attack by verifying wallets were unique, without using KYC, it would open up a lot of far more democratic options than simply counting peoples bags.

I think we don’t actually not in the sense of mutual trade attleast. They are inviting communities to implement their tools and opensource code for governance. They do have some grants program also which could be applied for but are we past such endevours?

I doubt we need a grant from another L2, but it certainly is a novel use of NFTs to assist in governance, and novel use of NFTs is our bag, is it not?

No opinion. My understanding is the initial airdrop was hard to get even by involved members.

Yep, I would love to see the little guys feeling like they matter. The last sig props had the biggest voter scoring 4.9 million. It was the vault prolly and they do have internal democratic process but still. A lil disheartening for a sub 1 k voter for sure.

You’ll see something pretty interesting if you look at the current vote counts, for this one…

It’s almost as if those with less VP weighed in, en masse, and it doesn’t even matter.

imageSo, of 18k gotchis, 572 people voted, and it’s still only 4% of the total VP.

Come to think of this I am pretty sure the citizenry check could be achieved through lens profile check. Could be pretty straightforward to implement.

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