Cocoon (AavegotchiDAO 1.5) dual voting system

I put this on snapshot but in retrospect it really should be discussed on this forum. I’ll repeat the snapshot description below:

With respect to the aspirations of the DAO Cocoon phase for consensus, community growth, high voter turnout and enjoyment, I think it would be beneficial to consider implementing two different voting mechanisms. One would be based strictly on GHST holdings while the other would be based on a one Gotchi-one vote principle.

Because of the tokenomics of Aavegotchi and the need for risk investment and liquidity, those community members with a lot of skin in the game should have a weighted influence on certain classes of decisions, e.g., those with dilutive or inflationary impact on the Gotchi market. But there are other classes of community decisions where voting based on Gotchi holdings rather than GHST assets should prevail, for example, decisions involving gameplay rules, haunt procedures, rarity mechanics, etc.

Having two such voting mechanisms for DAO governance would balance the influence of investors with those of crypto-neophytes, DeFi advocates and gamers. This should help avoid Aavegotchi becoming a niche game solely for high-asset collectibles speculators while promoting an ecosystem that incentivizes game play and community engagement.

Of course, the devil is in the details. But this DAO Cocoon phase is the perfect time to start evolving such a voting model and identifying which aspects of DAO governance voting should be GHST weighted and which should be Gotchi weighted.


Seems like a smart and more balanced approach than what we are seeing right now with whales (who dont own Gotchis and just want to moon GHST) voting in favor of 25k new portals which would completely wreck the current economy.

I hope so. A lot of discussion on this is matter is occurring on this related topic: 1 Aavegotchi = 100 GHST vote. You might want to check it out.