Peer-to-peer Trading Widget

Proposal: Peer-to-peer Trading Widget

Author: Pressure#2880 (Discord) / dark_pet (DAO)

GotchiID: 7972

ETH Wallet Address: 0x1a86F6CA6CaEDEb6dd8eFa9bde15c5B2387f0039


There are several possible ways to interact with other users within the Aavegotchi community, and one such way includes the purchasing or selling of Aavegotchis, portals, and other items on the Baazaar. In this transactional exchange, User A may list their asset in the Baazaar for a particular price in GHST that can then be purchased by User B. This transaction takes place without a formal discussion between Users A and B; one user posts, the other person purchases, and the transaction executes.

Throughout my time in the Discord, I have noticed numerous users attempting to try to negotiate “trades” with other users. The prime conundrum users attempting to trade are currently facing is that there is no safe and trustless way to transfer in-app assets. Other than manually transferring assets from user-to-user, the only available option for these users includes the transferring of in-app assets to a vetted third-party/intermediary within the community (such as a developer or community leader) who then collects the assets/funds from both parties and allocates them accordingly. However, this introduces both inconvenience (to all three parties) and the risk of human error (i.e., mistyping an address, or sending the incorrect asset).

My proposal is to create an in-app “Trade” widget, wherein users who have made an agreement off-app, for example on Discord or other discussion/social media platforms, can propose trades to other users. If accepted, the trade will process and the assets/funds will be transferred from each user to the other user in the agreement.

With this widget, there are innumerable possibilities. For instance, users can trade Aavegotchis, items, and even GHST, FRENS, or raffle tickets with one another. Gotchi for GHST, Gotchi for raffle tickets, portals for Aavegotchis, FRENS for items, etc.

Another possibility could be to “propose” trades, wherein users will have the option to open any individual’s Gotchi or Portal page and propose a trade. A great example of this is in Fantasy sports, where users are able to accept or reject trades made by other users.

Another possibility could be to have the “Trade” option listed for every asset listed on the Baazaar, so if a user does not want to spend the listed amount in GHST for a particular listed asset, they can propose a trade. For example, if an Aavegotchi is listed for 10,000 GHST, a user can propose a Trade countering the 10,000 GHST listed price and instead offering up a rare Haunt 1 portal.

Ultimately this will provide users with a standardized, trustless mechanism for trades that allows for more flexibility with what they can do with their in-app assets, while mitigating the risks associated with transferring assets to other random users.


Great. I think it will improve selling volume

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I understand the need for this, but it would be best if some developers jumped in and helped to create this.

The smart contracts are open-source and totally available for anyone to dive in and start building! If no one is interested in building this tool for the community, it could be something that Pixelcraft builds, but our main priority right now is laying out the architecture that will allow ppl to gamify Aavegotchis more.

BTW, for future proposals please let give the idea some time to mature before turning it into a Signal Proposal, as to keep the Snapshot interface clean.

Thanks for your idea fren!


yes, i like the idea as well
, lets see if in the future it can be implimented, or maybe like dan said, someone from the community can help, im in school right now for computers so i am too new lol

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+1 on this idea was suggesting it in discord earlier. I don’t have coding skills or I’d get to it :slight_smile: but 100% someone should start building a p2p trade option. Should include one or more gotchis per side and also ghst (one side could add ghst the other doesn’t etc.)

Also any other items like tickets consumables wearables