Proposal: Allowing direct user-to-user sales / bidding

The Baazaar is well and good, but we need a way to trade aavegotchi’s between users that way the sale is trustless. User’s can negotiate via discord etc but when it comes time to seal the deal, I would like to see the ability to send an offer for a gotchi and have the other user be able to accept/reject it (without exposing that offer to the world like in the baazaar).
*Bonus points: allow complex forms of payment, e.g. allow a user to trade a gotchi for another user’s gotchi + some $GHST to make up for a rarity/spirit difference.

Second, for the baazaar, it would be great if users can list their gotchi’s or items and have user’s submit bids for them for an definite or indefinite amount of time. A seller can accept any offer at any time.