Aavegotchi Aauctions

Hey frens. New here and wanted to float the idea of aavegotchi aauctions as an alternative to listing in the bazaar for aavegotchi sales.

This would help those who want to sell aavegotchis, sell faster and give buyers the chance to pick up aavegotchis at an attractive price. It would also help show off the aauction functionality of aavegotchi, add more liquidity to the aavegotchi market, and generate additional GHST.

Could work something like when listing your aavegotchi you have the choice to list in the bazaar or for aauction. Listing for auction would cost a higher GHST fee than listing in the bazaar. Aavegotchi aauction days could be set for once a month or something so that there are several aavegotchis being aauctioned at the same time.

Let me know your thoughts

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I think you’ll be happy to hear that this is in the works :wink: