Press Releases To Get More Media Attention

I suppose I’m assuming here, but have press releases gone out about the largest single gotchi sale and the Lil Pump tweet yet? I have been writing press releases and doing PR for a couple years myself and would be more than happy to help with that. Def something that can be capitalized on to get more users on the platform.


More users without gotchi available or just available for the rich people … doesn’t seems affordable & right…


press releases should coincide with improvements not need to hype a project that isnt built man. hodl, build, then community, then hype then profits.

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The volume and top sales are pretty significant though. $8M Volume on the baazaar in 1 week and a single wearable selling for almost $100k is definitely news-worthy. But I generally agree, no need to create artificial hype. Would be nice seeing platforms like Cointelegraph pick up on it by themselves (considering how much irrelevant trash they publish.

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