Exposure marketing/brand recognition

It seems we have a lack of brand recognition, the official Aavegotchi twitter isn’t too popular outside of our niche community. To put things into perspective we could airdrop everyone on the blockchain their own NFT and they wouldn’t know about it for years. I have suggested marketing through a Roblox game and promoted the idea of F2P/Unlimited edition gotchis, but this might take a while.
The wearables and gotchis being bridged back to the ETH network might see some awareness sparking on OpenSea, but the keyword is “might” seeing as the wearables back on OpenSea did not spark that much interest either because nobody was aware of them, not because the project wasn’t ready.

I’d like to propose a focus on awareness/quantity marketing in tandem with our current quality marketing. Aavegotchi has already done quality marketing by being reported on by quality journalists, partnering up very lightly with Chainlink, Matic, OKex and even Lil Pump’s twitter of 1M followers, next in line is its other half; awareness. Not only does it need to stand on its own, it needs consistent exposure which cannot be gained by 2 tweets/2 mentions, over say something catchy like a song by Lil Pump about Aavegotchis or say various song parodies on Youtube like Among Us first popularized by Mr Beast and Pewdiepie.

I request relatively cheap yet effective awareness/exposure-type marketing to the masses through crypto websites and crypto communities on social media and by further using Aavegotchi’s partner Aave for brand recognition. As well as Discord, Telegram, Slack, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, services such as Google ads, shoutouts by popular people, most social media platforms. The reader/viewer clicks on the posts and this leads them to the Lil Pump tweets, the quality journalists and quality videos and wikia showing it’s a legitimate project backed by real support such as Aave with quotes such as “Make more APY than your bank, bonds, ETFs by staking your money inside Aavegotchi NFTs” and explaining very easily how to get into the game; staking collateral, BRS farming, minigames, raffles, using Bitmax/Ascendex for ETH to Matic bridging through USDC, buying MAtokens on Quickswap.

The timeline for this proposal to take effect should be at least in 1 week and at most 4 weeks. Other teams have done marketing exceptionally quickly without much contemplation.
To start things off I recommend only using 20k DAI this month to gently push for awareness through social media, then evaluate what worked and what didn’t.
We also need to bring back the Aagent missions which promises newcomers NFTs for effort & time and even money(a different set of wearables from the aagent ones), but the Aagents need to be educated on how to market a product and use their own small amount of funds for where to market because 1-300 people with no exposure themselves making at most 300 memes, reddit posts, youtube comments, medium articles won’t cut it and it’s a waste of time for the little content they did create. We need to learn to use Twitter tools and delegate our effort to others.

The DAO treasury funds have never been used so far, all the marketing and team funds have come from Aave’s support, as such I request transparency of both the previous quality marketing and the future quantity marketing. A list of receipts and everything. Aave further promoting Aavegotchi is what it needs.

Awareness is what this project currently lacks and will continue to lack unless taken care of. The project is good and can be considered finished. Projects like Crypto Punks and Mooncats which have no working product have gained infamy this bullrun without anything of substance.

I’d also like to request without the need for a proposal to add a marketing category on the forums seeing as this is pure marketing without any game-related mechanics.

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You bring up marketing constantly in DAO discussion chat and I believe at this point submitted multiple forum posts speaking out about what you feel needs to happen.
I’ve also witnessed plenty of people speak about other factors that should be developed first.
You might want to learn how to take a hint.


To add more onto my post:
In the future Pixelcraft should avoid anymore non-crypto celebrities because Origin Protocol(OGN) just single-handedly proved how useless they are with the Ben Askren Vs. Jake Paul fixed boxing match and the Paris Hilton NFT drops and more celebrities to come. They did absolutely nothing to the price because non-crypto people are not interested in crypto and the crypto community are not interested in celebrities. I think even the Counter Strike skin fanatics would be more interested in digital collectables than celebrity lovers.
I also do not believe in giving up our Aavegotchi names like “Vitalik Buterin” and giving freebies to rich people when they already have all the money to buy in exchange for a “partnership” that’s less than 2 tweets.
A real partnership is months and months of advertising, not 1 video or a few tweets for 50k-500k usds.
Only MrBeast and Pewdiepie seem related to gaming and worth enough to spend 50k usds one time to attract a large wave of content creators for free publicity like what happened to Among Us.
There’s also the problem of the 3 year bear market coming soon and there no longer being as much money pouring into the treasury, you’ll miss the chance of getting a good boost of popularity, not just the money.
Partnerships with related companies and groups like EA, Valve/Steam, Ubisoft, Roblox are worth even more than Vitalik and CZ’s tweets especially during the bear market when crypto traders are hibernating.

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