Preventing gotchis listed for rental from being able to channel

Today in discord, someone mentioned borrowing a gotchi that had already been channeled. What had happened was that they listed their gotchi for rent and then channeled it immediately after. In that time, someone rented it thinking it would be able to be channeled. Dan said in discord that it wouldn’t be too difficult to prevent this. My question is, does anyone see any downsides of preventing this kind of behaviour?


It’s a good idea. It helps avoid renters getting ripped off due to subgraph delays.


This really circles back to my idea of having a simple toggle that makes the gotchi “channel-able” when listing it.

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I’m not sure what you mean by this. Do you mean the owner choosing whether or not to allow a borrower to channel? If so, that has nothing to do with the problem that I’m bringing up.

That’s a little harsh…it is related. And I think it would be a great feature for owners. Having a toggle or dropdown in the listing UI (as well as the respective mechanics in the lending contract) that says:
“Only borrower can channel” (with listing lock)
“Only I can channel” (without listing lock)
optional: “No lock”

Your proposed solution to prevent channeling of Gotchis that have an open listing should not apply to “Only I can channel”-Listings. It should apply to “Only borrower can channel”-Listings. Retaining an option for the status quo, i.e. a “No-Lock”-Listing could be interesting as well. Honestly, I’d be curious to see what the market would choose.

Sorry if you feel like this is unrelated, but as soon as spillover will be turned back on permanently, this would be a very in-demand feature and is highly relevant to this discussion I think.

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That’s a little harsh…it is related.

No it’s not. Having a toggleable option for gotchis would be the owner choosing to just not let someone else channel their gotchi. What I’m talking about is the owner intentionally trying to screw the borrower over by channeling right before someone else rents it so that the owner gets the channel alchemica PLUS they get the upfront GHST from someone renting it thinking they can channel. The toggleable option is good and should be implemented, but it has nothing to do with what I’m talking about.

If it’s not related, then please be more specific what “preventing this kind of behaviour” means. If you’re not proposing a lock that prevents Gotchis that have an open listing from being channeled, then what is it that you’re proposing? And if you are talking about a lock, then it is very much related to the discussion how and when such a lock could be applied, short term as well as long term. :man_shrugging:

If you’re not proposing a lock that prevents Gotchis that have an open listing from being channeled, then what is it that you’re proposing?

I’m proposing that the owner can’t channel the gotchi while it’s listed for rent.

I think the issue is when the gotchi has been channeled but subgraph hasn’t updated its status so the UI report it as channelable. If so, you could still channel and then rent to get the same result

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Yes that is also an issue, but not the issue that I’m referring to. The point of this post was to identify possible downsides with implementing this change. It’s an issue that certain people are “exploiting” and im looking for what negative impacts making this change might have.

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Ok so are you suggesting that listed gotchi somehow get put into some sort of “holding contract” (custodial) when they listed so owners will no longer have use of them until they have been rented or the listing is cancelled? And if so, will they get petted while they are awaiting being rented?

It would just be like how you cant remove wearables when gotchis are listed for sale.

Ok i get it, but couldn’t they just channel then list it? No really sure how long the subgraph needs to update but wouldn’t the same thing happen for example? Could it be that this may have happened but the delay may have been the cause on a good faith listing? ILS :man_shrugging:

The same thing COULD happen if there’s a subgraph delay, but what I’m talking about can happen even if there’s essentially no subgraph delay.

OK well i am a little confused because i was under the impression that the gotchi’s current state was the determining factor if it would be able to channel not the gotchi’s state when it was listed. So again IF there was lets say an on/off toggle for example that ‘locked’ this choice in once the listing was made, the owner could not channel it…

Gotchis are rented pretty quickly if they’re good deals. So what happens is it gets listed and it’s channelable. Someone sees it’s channelable and attempts to borrow it. At the exact same time, the owner channels the gotchi. It doesn’t happen often because most people aren’t trying to pull that scam, but it’s very easy to do.

I see what you mean. It’s hard to think of a case where the owner would need to channel a gotchi listed for rental and even then it’s not like you had a fee to pay for relisting if you need to unlist it first


Is there consensus that this is a good idea that won’t impact anyone negatively? Or still need some more discussion

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I’m willing to write up a sigprop for the xp if we want to go that route.

Not really needed for this, we can implement easily, the PR is already done