Proposal to Suspend all Snapshot Voting Until Gotchi Renting Voting Power Issue is Fixed

After the implementation of Aavegotchi Lending, it has been confirmed that voting power is being incorrectly calculated for borrowed Aavegotchis.

The voting power of Aavegotchis including the equipped wearables in Snapshot has been shifted from the Aavegotchi owner to the Aavegotchi borrower.

Pixelcraft Studios have advised in the DAO forum that it would take 10-14 days to fix the issue plus the time for the Snapshot team to review and merge the fix.

Personally, I have lost 75% of my voting power solely as a result of lending my Aavegotchis out.

I propose that all Snapshot proposals SigProps and CoreProps are suspended until the fix for the wearable voting power is implemented.

In it’s current state it should be made to clear to all Aavegotchi DAO participants that any vote in the current implementation of our Snapshot is easily manipulated as anyone making a Snapshot proposal will know the Snapshot block ahead of time and can borrow Aavegotchis to purchase voting power, then return them after the Snapshot block occurs.

There is little point conducting this vote on Snapshot, because it is currently not a reliable form of voting.

Should we Suspend All Snapshot Votes Until the Fix?

  • Yes, Suspend All Snapshot Votes Until the Fix
  • No, Allow Snapshot Votes to Continue

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Thunderfish came up with a great solution in the discord DAO forum to use a block just before the implementation of gotchi lending for the snapshot vote. This would address my concern.


I tried to raise a vote on this in Snapshot on a block number prior to the introduction of Gotchi Lending.

But Snapshot will not let me backdate a proposal via the UI.

same can go for snapshoot support for vaults

couldn’t vote for months in last major proposals, same for many other guilds who use vaults