Pursue a partnership with DFYN

Hey everyone!

The rationale behind this proposal is the same as this other one: Baadges for long term GHST liquidity providers

Right now DFYN is one of the most promising multichain DEXs, biggest IDO on polkastarter to date, they offer very nice liquidity mining rewards, they keep making strategic partnerships, they offer gasless transactions on Polygon through biconomy, etc. Maybe with this in the future we wouldn’t even have to worry about uniswap liquidity. Anyway, the main reason for this is to offer better financial incentives for our liquidity providers, since their APRs are quite good ATM. One thing to consider is that if this doesn’t help increase our liquidity overall, we’d end up with a more fragmented liquidity, and even lower liquidity on each exchange. So, the question is, do you want the team to pursue DFYN rewards for GHST pairs in their exchange?

  • Yes, bring DFYN rewards!
  • Nah, let’s keep our liquidity together on Quickswap

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Just found this, in case anyone is interested in how DFYN has performed so far.