Random Wearable Dropped Upon Death

Imagine the scene: You are venturing to the end of the grid on a mission to explore the most dangerous corners of the gotchiverse when you are stormed and killed by a group of greedy lickuidators. As penalty for your death, one of your equipped wearables is randomly selected and dropped. The scheming lickuidators can not wear or move the wearable, but they can leech every last ounce of alchemica that went into its creation. Funneling out the alchemica is a timely but rewarding process which is only expedited when the hoard of other lickuidators arrive like vultures to claim their share.

Desperate to salvage your wearable, you gather your guild members to return to the spot of your death as quickly as possible. If the greedy lickuidators are still present, they will be easy targets for your guild members and the sapped alchemica can be returned to you upon their death. Luckily, the wearable can be re-equipped once it is repaired. This can be done at the smith (or other designated installation) by reimbuing the necessary alchemica, either gathered from the slain lickuidators, farmed from your land, or purchased from the GAX.

This game mechanic has the following benefits:

  • The threat of some punishment or loss with death greatly increases the fun of exploration and gameplay. We all know the pain of dying in roguelikes, falling in hard mode on Diablo, or dying and losing XP and items in Tibia.
  • This increases the potential interactions between lickuidators and the Gotchis
  • Coordination and community (both among lickuidators and gotchis) have increased value
  • Creates the need and utility for a smithing instillation, which can hopefully be used in the future for other fun mechanics such as upgrades, imbuement, etc
  • Adds additional utility to alchemica, increasing market demand, and increasing land/farm value
  • Designated arena matches could have similar consequences

Potential cons

  • Each wearable would need to have a designated value of alchemica.
  • The on-chain design to sap or re-imbue the alchemica of the wearable tokens may be resource intensive or not feasible

As always, I appreciate the feedback and can’t wait for the lickuidators to arrive!

While I support an idea that gives some form of loss upon death, I think someone might have a heart attack if their godlike wearable valued over $150k suddenly dropped on their death! I know even with a rare or legendary item I would be panicking if it dropped on the ground.


This kind of reminds me of my old school Runescape days. It was exciting to venture out into the wildy for that factor you may lose or gain something.

Maybe there could be designated areas where this is possible? And perhaps it could only apply to the “skins” or community created wearables (if/when those happen)

I don’t feel comfortable with risking any of my current wearables, but it would be cool to see some sort of mechanic like this at some point!

Agree with this 100%, for more inclusive growth (like gamers that can’t dedicate a lot of time and/or don’t party up with others) I don’t think this mechanic would play out well. Most would not venture out of the Citaadel at all if there were real risk of dropping a wearable and losing it forever because someone was lucky enough to be there to find it before your return.

I, like many others in the server, plan to play in the realm while at home on my PC and on the go… so the possibility of running into a crisis situation (potential to permanently lose thousands of dollars worth of NFTs) would really reduce interaction with the platform.

I think the mechanics described in the litepaper sound promising, to be honest. The addition of alchemica and the GAX is going to bring the gotchi economy to a whole new level, and we don’t even have all the details of what’s coming yet.

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An idea that would work well which has already been proposed would be to have some kind of wager for the arena. They had talked about putting up a certain amount of GHST (tbd by the duellers), but it would also be cool if you could put up items or even the gotchis themselves (sacrifice the loser for xp to the winner). But from my perspective, this isn’t a huge priority at the moment.

I propose that no one can move or pick it up except the owner who dropped it. The alchemica could be extracted and taken by the lickuidators. Imagine the item becomes “rusted” or not imbued or something of that sort until repaired/reimbued by alchemica from your farm or purchased on the GAX. No other gotchi or lickuidator can pick up or take the item. It is just dropped and sapped of its alchemica and you have to go back and get it.