Token Economy Sustainability


Opening this thread to discuss the ongoing care for the Gotchiverse’s underlying alchemica/GLTR economy. Please think of this as a placeholder for all ideas concerning sinks, especially those that don’t contribute to the issuance or efficacy of alchemica collection thereof.

Currently the only pure sink – one that practically has no effect on issuance – are tiles, and I am worried that alchemica prices will risk collapsing further if not addressed.

One idea I’ve thought of are temporary speed boosters that are obtained from interacting with a vending machine in-game, like a gotchiverse espresso shot, increasing movement speed temporarily while not always making it easier to collect alchemica. This is just an example to get the ball rolling

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Hi fren, the thread regarding alchemica sinks already exists. Please have a read through, lots of great ideas there :slight_smile:


thanks for this fren! Who can I contact about taking down this thread?? Don’t want it to get confused with that one.

@Moon can you delete this thread please sir?

I used to have the same doubts, people tend to consume alchemica in order to increase the production of more alchemica, which is terrible inflation in the long run