Rarity Farming Funding Source

Hello Gotchi Gang! First Time forum post woot!

I wanted to quickly gauge what the DAO’s thoughts are on where the funding should come from for the next Rarity Farming Season.

It has been proposed that the DAO should put up 1.5 mil GHST for this next rarity farming since the next laand auction is being postponed, which could have raised the funds to fund the next RF season, and PixelCraft is about to do a large token swap of GHST to DAI that would be enough to cover rarity farming.

The past rarity farming seasons have been funded by the drops of Haunt 1 and 2 and the most resent drops being the past two Laand GBM Auctions racked up 5mil+ GHST that PixelCraft has decided to keep for rewards in the Gotchiverse, which is not currently being utilized.

For RF season 4 I see 3 options for funding

  1. Having the DAO Treasury cover the 1.5mil GHST from the token swap of DAI to GHST from PixelCraft

  2. Splitting the funding between the DAO Treasury and the Laand GBM Auction rewards, 750k from each pool

  3. Funding it from the pool of 5mil+ GHST racked up during the Laand GBM Auctions



Option two seems legit, because the protocol was doing just fine, until we asked it to support the gotchiverse on top, and at this point, we have a dilemma, where due to the nature of global markets, and the nature of game design, the core yield mechanic of the core protocol, is underfunded. Gotchiverse yields have been constant, yes, but they have also gutted the core value of many things, like BRS and wearables. It’s time to lean on the foundation of this house, and make the core protocol great again!

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Here’s a poll, How should RF4 be paid for?

  • (1) DAO Treasury
  • (2) 50% Split between DAO Treasury and Laand GBM Auction revenue
  • (3) Laand GBM Auctions revenue

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I think the obvious issue with option 3 is that PixelCraft already has plans for this ~5 mil GHST, and I don’t like to mess with anything that devs are planning or working on…

As others have noted, option 1 puts the DAO in a position of supporting RF, perhaps in an unhealthy way.

All options would seem to utilize GHST that would otherwise remain idle.

I primarily want to be careful of setting the standard of using DAO treasury funds for RF, as this is not where rarity farming rewards have come from in the past. Without revenue streams for the DAO that would easily replish the 750k-1.5mil GHST and if the the DAO treasury becomes expected to cover RF payouts going forward instead of them being funded by the NFT drops, the DAO funds will quickly be depleted, which well leave the DAO in a vunleranble spot with no back up capital to deploy in more serious situations over the next 30+ years.


I was only thinking of this particular case, where the launch of the verse has caused mayhem with the timing of everything.

The verse is partly responsible for delays, and the DAO is partly responsible for the delays. The money for RF was supposed to come from L3/H3, and we decided to nope those, so we also have to decide if we are noping the original gameplay of the protocol, which is rarity farming. If not… the money should come from the two places that caused the problem.

The split is being nice tho… “gameplay” right now is glitter and channeling… those rewards are going out hand over fist, so… Moon is probably right on that and the RF rewards should come from the verse reward pool.

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I honestly don’t see a good reason to use the Treasury instead of the gameplay rewards pool, which as the name suggests, is supposed to be used for gameplay rewards…


It’s mostly semantics since the DAO controls both these pools “treasury” style, though I do think that using the GBM sales of past months is more in line with the original hope of using agip 35 proceeds, so it makes the most sense for sure.

Happy to see all these new coreprops go live, great gooverniiing job frens!