Uncapped Rarity Farming Rewards in S2

Seeing as how the Season 1 Rarity Farming Rewards were expanded to 5,000 Gotchis and there was also an unannounced cap on on the Reward Pool, I would like to signal for Season 2 Rarity Farming Rewards to be uncapped.

Sellers in the Baazaar are now incurring a 3.5% Fee and with Haaunt 2 and the REAALM on the horizon, there will be a significant amount of GHST generated for the Rarity Farming Pool.

Please use the Poll below to vote for having an Uncapped Rarity Farming Rewards Pool in Season 2 or for keeping the maximum used in Season 1 (1.4M GHST). Or Comment below on why you think having this decided without a vote would be a good idea.

  • Uncapped Season 2 Rarity Farming Rewards!
  • Keep 1,400,000 GHST Rarirty Farming Rewards for Season 2
  • Commented Below

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I see no reason to cap rewards? different/new categories may be needed to accommodate H2 and new frens, but let’s not cap the investment return potential for loyal/early users.

I stand firmly against capping rewards for loyal H1 backers (or at anytime) - that would feel like a line in the sand for me…


I 100% agree that the reward pool must significantly increase, with the much higher fees slated to be generated from increase in portal count of H2 plus the likely 3-4x higher cost of portals due to the auction method of distribution. However it’s probably too early to say it should be uncapped; some percentage of the funds should probably be reserved for the treasury. Depending on the final amount of funds generated post H2 portal and wearables sales, as well as what the the season 2 leaderboards will look like, it seems there should be enough funds for a minimum of a 2.5x increase in rewards for similar rankings relative to season 1 payouts, even leaving room for expanding rewards to 10-15k places.


More gotchis = bigger pool rewards + in the future we will might also need to discuss ghst supply and curve, if it’ll be needed because of the scaling\adoption reason (many players, many gotchis, ghst price might be too high)

The reason I believe rewards should be uncapped is they were already advertised as such. Percentages were already decided, so we can’t objectively say that rewards pool is too big without implying the other pools are too big as well- it’s a slippery slope. The treasury is already fed through several channels that the RF pool isn’t, including curve fees. The last and only time treasury funds were proposed for usage (Dinoswap) very different voices spoke out in dissonance. Treasury funds will rarely find perfect consensus on their usage. If the project was advertised with certain fixed percentages for RF rewards, why should we go revisionist and say, “this is too much”? Will we say too much GHST is being burned? Or that Pixelcraft is earning too much? I counter that we should avoid this “scarcity mentality” and always think of MOAR rewards and MOAR earnings for EVERYONE involved. Player opportunity shouldn’t be capped in the same way we shouldn’t cap how much GHST someone can stake or how much profit the devs can make from their fine creation.