Require opt-in for Rarity Farming

To avoid DAO funds being wasted on inactive gotchis I’d propose to only send Rarity farming rewards to addresses that have opted in.

  • Opt in period is 1 month before start of the season
  • Any gotchis whose address hasn’t registered don’t get rewards sent to them
  • Any rewards that are saved are returned to the DAO

This should save the DAO quite a bit of money and make RF cheaper and more sustainable.


:clap: Love the idea of having participants register for any cash prizes that are given out. The problem is alot of people do not like doxxing themselves in any way unless it is absolutely necessary. A few questions for you. 1 What would be the level of information that would be needed? Could it be something like a transaction needing to be signed on or will it be similar to the XP drop signup? 2. How would this effect custodial gotchi? Would a 3rd party be able to sign on the owner’s behalf? 3. How would this actually save money for the DAO? I could see a scenario where gotchi that might have ranked do not get any rewards because they failed to register but how would that affect the RF leaderboard payouts if everyone on it is actually registered? Would this not just move gotchi up on the leaderboard to fill any unregistered gotchi spots?

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I think signing a transaction on chain is the way to register/opt-in

My plan was to not change the leaderboard at all, so for example if #10 is inactive and #11 is active, then #11 stays at #11 and does not get #10 rewards. Then the rewards that would of gone to #10 gets returned to the DAO.


I agree that just signing a transaction would be the easiest and more “web3” way of doing this. Not really understanding the RF leaderboard payout vs ranking leaderboard. So how would that actually work? Per your example, ranking #10 failed to register for RF but somehow he/she is still a placeholder for the #10 payoff spot? How is that possible when the payouts are based on participation? Also what would be the case for those custodial gotchi? Would this require the original owner to sign a transaction to participate?

#1 80k ghst
#2 40k ghst
#3 20k ghst
#4 10k ghst
#5 5k ghst

The address that holds gotchi #2 did not register so 40k gets returned to the DAO. All the other payout are as normal.

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An opt-in for RF is a great idea! But the DAO has voted to start RF5 in January. So if your plan is to have this in place for RF5, it could be seen as some kind of a delay tactic / workaround to AGIP52, which would be a shame, as it is a really good idea!

What if, instead of a month, you simply need to opt-in before the first pay-out?

[EDIT: I guess you’d still need to start the clock at some point, whether you end it at the start of the season or two weeks later before pay-out…]

No I am asking how would #2 even rank on the separate RF leaderboard payout if they never registered. The RF leaderboard payout would not really recognize which gotchi are not there and pay according to those that are registered. Would you have to make another program to go back and adjust the payouts?

Hmm yeah there might be a timing issue, if the idea gets wide support we could probably push it through quite quickly. Personally, I think RF should start 1 month after forge as it gives people time to prepare, I know the Sigprop said end of January or after Forge but I think that was when Forge was expected end of December. Maybe we should discuss in next DAO meeting.


Yes, should get the ball rolling on this asap. Because this “Forge or January” language was also in the Core-Prop.
Even though the Foundation has yet to be founded, I think this could be a good test scenario for how to handle such a situation. The directors would be required to abide by the Core-Prop (even though they couldn’t start RF anyway). But what if by then we’d have a sig-prop passed that would show support not to start, but without enough time left for a new Core-Prop to conclude? Definitely something to keep in mind when drafting the paperwork for the bylaws and such.

Ok smoking and thinking, so the “opt-in” could be seen as a toggle on each gotchi that needs to be “switched on” by completing a simple transaction on-chain to receive any payout that that gotchi would get by ranking on any RF leaderboard. So gotchi that did not turn on this opt-in toggle would not receive any rewards but instead the DAO keeps the money. Would they still get badges?

Yeah don’t see any reason why the gotchi shouldn’t get a badge

Why not payout to more places instead of returning the money to the dao?


i would be against removing utility from investors. Not all kinds of investors participate, and they shouldnt be forced to . if i just want to buy my gotchi and use it as a piggy bank having 3-5% returns (if he is on an autopet and decent BRS) i should be allowed to, i shouldnt be forced to do things like " enter the gotchiverse once in a month period" to earn rarity rewards . there are other ways of saving dao money, or incentivising participation for “being around” , to remove this suddenly is to rug pull haunt1 and haunt2 investors that dont want to get involved in the day2day


I thought it was a simple transaction that would be done to “show interest” only when RF was announced.

This is a serious troll on the inactive. “Heres the badge tho, wake up.”

Im for anything that rewards active participation. Belt tightening targeted at non participation is definitely second only to cutting actual waste, in preferability.

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I think this is a great proposal. Even for the most passive of investor, signing a transaction once per quarter isn’t really asking a lot.

I would be curious to see how many gotchis are just sitting on bags of GHST from the inactive investors.

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I can understand the rationale, but I don’t think I’d support this. I don’t have a long list of logical reasons, it just feels a bit “icky” to me to promote gotchis as an yield-generating investment and then to require passive investors to actively follow the RF season schedule (which is not set to a regular calendar schedule) in order to receive their yield.


I’m pretty sure I like the proposal. I mean there’s passive and there’s neglective.

IMHO a passive investment requires very little contribution but as with all investments, some casual diligence is still required. Any investor who totally neglects their investment and just hopes it all runs as it should is really not taking responsibility for their own assets.

I know this from experience as I’ve neglected many pools/farms in the blockchain space myself only to check on my passive investment to find the pool had closed months ago without any correspondence.

Pixelcraft uses many forms of media to make announcements for Rarity Farming well in advance of the first snapshot - Email, newsletter, Discord, Twitter, reddit, etc. If I had a reasonable investment in a project I would at least have a notification set for one of them.


Are there really top rarity gotchi holders that are inactive?