Rebalance (Buff) Link Marine Wearables Set

Hey Everyone,

The wearables task force has discussed the possibility of re-working certain wearable sets to make them more viable.

One set that sticks out from all others is the Link Marine set. This wearable set is uniquely underpowered due to its wearables providing conflicting bonuses. The head and body both give +2 BRN and the hand item, the Link Bubbly, gives -2 BRN.

For a normal set of 3 legendary items, we expect the max utility to be +48 BRS (14 from each item, 6 from the set bonus). The Link Marine set only provides +44 BRS, making it strictly worse than its alternatives.

Proposal: Buff the Link Marine set bonus to bring it in line with other sets of this rarity.
Current Set Bonus: +4 BRS, +2 AGG
Proposed Set Bonus: +4 BRS, +2 AGG, +4 BRN

Why +4 BRN?

  • The Link Bubbly detracts from the +BRN effect of the other items. This bonus effectively turns the Link Bubbly from a -2 BRN item into a +2 BRN item (like its set peers).
  • Thematically it’s kinda funny. All the alcohol items lower the BRN stat. But Link Marines work best after a nice cool glass of bubbly. Unlike other alcohol, it makes them even sharper!
  • Applying the boost to the BRS bonus wouldn’t fully bring it up to par with other similar sets. This is because the actual BRN stat of the gotchi remains stunted due to the Bubbly. So while it would balance the set for rarity farming, it would remain underpowered for any BRN-based activities.

This set change would go into effect AFTER rarity farming season 3 concludes (not that it would get through a core proposal before then anyway).

Feedback, ideas, and general thoughts welcome!


Yep makes sense to me. I support

Full support, throw a poll on it and gogogo :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes please. I’ve been waiting for this set to make sense because I LOVE IT! :joy:

I think it’s a great idea. However, there are a few broken sets and I see no reason to cherry pick one over the others. How about we make a list of all the broken sets and fix them all?

Another broken set I know off:
Venly Biker Set: According to the Wiki, the Venly Biker set should add AGG +2. That would make sense.
However, in reality, the set adds +1 NRG +1 AGG. That does not make sense, because the horse hoe (part of the set) subtracts 2 NRG. Hence the set bonus is actually cancelling out the horse hoe’s effect.

@kuwlness mentioned that there is also something wrong with the Sergey set. Maybe he can elaborate on that one.


This is true, though I think those sets are messed up for a different reason. This one was intentionally implemented in an unbalanced way whereas those sets could possibly be described as bugs within the game (something that PC could fix without a proposal if they know which source of truth is correct).

At the very least, I think the bugged sets would deserve their own discussion/proposal while this one is a strict game balance change.

I guess first step there is to ask Bowtienerd if the WIKI can be updated to match the on chain reality, as it is doubtful that the on chain is a bug. If he was given specific information from whomever designed that, he would know if the info is bad or the game is not working as intended.
sent a DM to check which is intended


WIKI was updated to reflect the state of the on chain data.


After the wiki updates, it’s clear that the Venly Biker set also needs a change. That being said, I hesitate to bundle it with this change as the problems aren’t exactly the same.

I would describe the Link Marine set as unbalanced due to its item components.
I would describe the Venly Biker set as broken due to its set bonus that doesn’t match its components.

I will open a separate discussion for Venly Biker fix and will plan to promote this discussion to a signal proposal sometime today.

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I say bundle it, since they both fall under the category of “obviously not what anyone intentioned.” But maybe others would see it as more controversial.

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While this is true, the “fix” for each is a different principle:

Link Marine: Break convention to rebalance
Venly Biker: Enforce convention to fix

This one especially feels deserving of its own proposal since it’s rebalance would be a rare break from the formula that PC uses to derive set bonuses.

That being said, if there’s strong support to bundle, I’d be happy to do so :slight_smile:

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