Proposal - re-work sets bonuses or heavily increase set variants

Concern -. Set Bonuses being limited to their immediate groups may discourage customisation.

(If I care about rarity farming) I am heavily disadvantaged to mix sets

Why would I wear the Witch Hat with the Portal Mage Armor, i’d be sacrificing 6 BRS, which is significant

I feel like this discourages people to create unique combinations, which is bad for a game like this.

Solution: Have more sets bonuses that include mixed up sets.

There are a few example of this in the current sets, such as Off Duty Hazmat, I think we need much more of these.

OR, just scrap/re-work the entire thing.

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Happy to entertain any ideas for sets that you have!

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I don’t think we need to change anything there

Just my two cents. Maybe possible if done through voting to see which mixed sets people would like :slight_smile:

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-to reward creativity could give people consolation set bonuses for fully slotted 0% setted outfits. I am imagining something along the lines of 25% of 100% setted bonus

-their could be a game where to get people interacting more a list of all gotchis with name outfit combinations get voted on each week/month with rank determining boosting of this bonus further.
- this game should be accessible to all users will naturally be less interested in voting for setted gotchis i would assume thusly self balancing a bit to help.
- the second mechanic could be to give 100% unsetted gotchis a 100% bonus to the extra rewards set from this game potentially.

could be a way to help creative active players / community members boost their gotchi bag a bit without maybe necessarily having funds for min maxing sets all the time. while also balancing the game a bit for more competition in rarity farming mechanics.

Mix Match set bonus could be based on sets of 3 or more. If you have 3 wearables or more in a particular set that could give you a bonus; i.e.
(3) -spk items could grant you a bonus -spk.

I think devs did a real great job, about the sets.
Only few things could be added.
+There is not much of sets that are pushing ur stats up, like mix +nrg +brn\ +agr +spk+spk +brn+brn +agg and etc.
We need that.

Sets of the different items mixes, could be tryed to be united with the hand items like a half set?
Like a mage glasses+stuff already half set, mb it could be call sth like scholar?