Fix the Venly Biker wearables set

While discussing the rebalancing of the Link Marine set, the Venly Biker set was raised as a set that also needs attention.

The Biker wearables that comprise the set have the following impact on gotchis wearing them:

The set bonus, however, yields:

The NRG mismatch makes this set yield 2 fewer BRS than its equivalent peers do.
This makes the set rarely worth using for rarity farming, which in turn diminishes the value of these wearables.

We have two decisions to make here:

  1. What do we want to do about this?
  2. Do we need a core proposal to make it happen?
How should we fix the biker set?
  • Set Bonus: +2 AGG instead of +1 NRG +1 AGG
  • Set Bonus: -1 NRG +1 AGG instead of +1 NRG +1 AGG
  • Do nothing, let the set be weak

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What is the appropriate mechanism for fixing this issue?
  • DAO Proposal Process (Eventual CoreProp)
  • Discord/DAO Forum Poll, No need for core proposal

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Would you like to present this at next weeks DAO meeting, to move it to a proposal? It would be wonderful if all three of the current wearable topics could be showcased next weekend.