Recipes - Make Alpha Great Again

Seeing as how Alpha is the 2nd rarest alchemica in the Gotchiverse, it’s strange to see it have such limited utilization in the recipes. The main uses for Alpha seem to be for Alpha-only Haarvesters & Reservoirs, along with high-level Aaltars & Lodges. See Recipe Book here:

But when you look at the other Haarvesters & Reservoirs, they require FUD, FOMO, and KEK to build them. So why wasn’t Alpha added as a requirement for high-level Haarvesters & Reservoirs when you need three forms of alchemica to build any of the other ones?

Let’s help to Make Alpha Great Again. Otherwise, we’ll have the second most rare alchemica have limited use in the Gotchiverse, which will make it less valuable than FOMO, possibly even FUD.


Dang i really had not noticed because i have gone down this trait mapping hole but good catch.

specially with part of the map being flooded will alpha boosts (wtv that means )

extremely nice catch fren! i would lean on thinking its been an oversight in design as they were trying to achieve something else in the formulae, and this unintended consequence slipped through the cracks.

I don’t have the time to look at or crunch numbers right now, but based on your comments, seems like the clear path would be to replace some kek with alpha in the recipes, or these 2 assets will be wildly mispriced vs. their original intended rarity.

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Alpha would be a great resource to require to build limited edition badass artwork vanity installations. True chads build epic golden gotchi statues on their land.

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Getting a closer look, things look pretty balanced if we assume that a parcel will have at least one of the known installations. However, when we add up the resources required to focus on building farming installations (haarversters and reservoirs), then there is a greater demand for FUD and FOMO, and from level 4, ALPHA even becomes the least required token. Here is a graph plotting the total amount of resources per level for both cases:

There are important pieces of the puzzle that we don’t have at this point, such as the cost of defensive installations which will be only available in the grid (i.e. towers) or the briefly introduced “tiles”. Time will tell, let’s see what surprises PixelCraft has ready for us :slight_smile:


I definitely think we need to hear from PixelCraft on their vision for ALPHA before making any changes to the balance. Le Golden’s placed a premium on ALPHA - and that has produced a pretty expensive valuation for ALPHA compared to its supply vs the other tokens.

If PixelCraft envisions keeping that role for ALPHA in the future with other limited installations / tiles / decorations / etc - I think having ALPHA be a token that’s more about collectibility and “flex” adds an interesting dynamic to the game.

Each token has a general purpose in the game that its recipe adhere to:

FUD – Building block of many things
FOMO – Mechanical impetus (used in many farming-related installations)
ALPHA – Social, Limited Edition mints
KEK – Rare Items, Limited Edition mints
GLTR – Tokenized time

I wouldn’t be against adding a bit of ALPHA into certain farming installations (I believe it already exists in the ALPHA harvesters and reservoirs), but don’t really see why it would be in the majority of farming installations, given the positioning that we’ve established.

I think each Alchemica will have its day in the sun as we progress through the many phases of the game. But certainly open to hearing what others think.