Remove kinship potion

I got slaughtered by the 27 gotchis paid to put on the kinship leaderboard. Worst feeling waking up in the morning to see that 3 of my gotchis were no longer in the top 100 from potion purchases, ugh!!!

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Agreed at its base level.

The rarity farming rewards have been captured by those with the deepest pockets mostly. Especially when we are considering XP and Kinship RF. The team has done a good job by trying to reward participants in the Discord by joining things like the Community Call, taking votes in snapshot, and being around when major events start (like Szn 1 - Rarity Farming), but it’s not near enough to level the playing field.

I would hope that mini games that take into consideration Gotchi participation and differential metrics (brain size, aggression, energy level, etc) will balance out a lot of the current issues that exist in the game that is AAVEgotchi. In the mean time I don’t think there’s much flexibility around AAVEgotchi in terms of what can be improved upon, but let’s hope that future iterations fix some of this issue.


Potions suck, hopefully AAVEgotchi will find ways to differentiate performance and loyalty to a Gotchi versus just paying their way into gaming the system that is rarity farming.

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I agree and then to look at the leaderboard and see the top Gotchis belong to People that work for pixelcraft. Ugg I feel like it was a big scam.

Agree that it is pat to win. Perhaps its due to the early nature of the project and the need to entice people investing. The danger is that it becomes a habbit and the expectation is to cater for those with the most money.


Which ones? Tbh my kinship scores are terrible lol, so not sure who you’re referring to? and Ghst_gg guys are not part of Pixelcraft, they are normal players.

(Pixelcraft also doesn’t give ourselves any special advantages. We play the game normally, and usually don’t play it that well compared to you guys haha).


Im refering to the Gotchis that were sent over to Unicly by Pixelcraft. Terence McKenna to be exact is in the top 5 on the leaderboard. If im wrong and those Gotchis dont belong to pixelcraft please let me know.

The concern is not about how people play the game. The concern is Pixelcraft Gotchis earning GHST in rarity farming is the same as insider trading.

terence mckenna is fractionalized meaning he turned into ugotchi tokens and is currenty “owned”
by ugotchi token holders. no one can claim the ghst he’s won since no one owns him.

Eitherway if you had been in the discord during the events like pump drop and portal drop you’d have known that both times pixelcraft guys missed out on either buying at all or buying something
They don’t hold any advantage over any of us.

It’s not weird for them to be able to play the game at higher stats than most when they could personally invest in ghst when the price was very low.
But yes i’ll admit they have a power that they could massively abuse which is insider knowledge
if they know they’re going to do A they could buy B in advance before a price spike.
But I’m thinking they won’t do that to avoid any scrutiny.

From my point of view they are just playing aavegotchi on their own private personal accounts on their own time. As they should!
I don’t want devs that don’t know their own game and it’s flaws.

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Those Gotchis do not belong to Pixelcraft. They have been deposited into the Unicly smart contracts and fractionalized into a million shards. To further decentralize the collection, we also deposited 100% of the shards received by Pixelcraft into the uGOTCHI-ETH pool and received LP tokens, which are currently earning UNIC, just like everyone else.

So no, nothing about what you are saying is accurate. Terrence McKenna receiving GHST enriches all uGOTCHI holders, not Pixelcraft specifically.

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I agree. I just like the idea of there being at least 1 aspect that can’t be purchased.