Earning fraactional kinship rewards when users play mini-games

Good day frens!!

After recently having a ton of fun playing the Gotchi Gaatherer mini game, I would like to propose the idea of rewarding fraactional kinship points to players of the mini-games for their engagement in the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Currently, petting our gotchis is the only form of bonding or engagement with our frens that can earn kinship points. To encourage even more engagement and potentially create a catch up feature for kinship, mini game players can earn fraactional kinship points for playing. This would promote more engagement in the gotchiverse and would allow smaller investors/players to earn rewards for their engagement while retaining the open market feature in this ecosystem for potions. This would also create more competition in the kinship leaderboard of rarity farming. The fraactional kinship rewards could be allocated based on number of times a gotchi plays a game or for certain cumulative mini-game stats (kills, levels completed etc.)

Let me know what you think. Any feedback is appreciated!

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Good idea. It may take a bit of policing though, people find bugs etc … plus i guess the game dev would have to code it into the game but thats a good thing, start slow…
I like it overall.


I think this is a great idea. The more you use your gotchi, the more bond you have with it!


Right! There needs to be a way to interact with our Gotchis that does not depend on how much you spend but on how much time you actually spend with your Gotchi. Playing minigames is a great start.


As someone who just started not too long ago I agree 100%. Would be cool to see more opportunities for interaction and kinship increases, even if only incremental amounts, for playing games and exploring the gotchiverse.


I like this idea but I’d only want this if the minigames were more secure
both the gaatherer and the pacman game saw a lot of hackers pumping their score.

When people are incentivized to get a score people are also incentivized to cheat.

Also i would not want this to be too overpowered since then people without a job would completely whack people with a job and no time over their heads. It should never take too much time.
So it would probably need some sort of limit.


I agree about putting some limits on a potential fractional kinship rewards. I’m not sure if there was much cheating though in the other mini-games although I really have no idea. In terms of this being overpowered by some people who have more time, I’m not too bothered by that. In the current game system, whales can use their money to get a leg up with potions and there is no current way for the little guy to even the playing field. If an unemployed person decides to play the mini-games 24/7 to get a leg up in a game which requires money to get ahead, I don’t think that is a bad thing. The person with a job could just buy potions although I would not want to encourage that to be honest. Maybe we add a limit to the number of fractional kinship rewards one can earn to balance the issue.


I think this is a good direction. Obviously there are some challenges preventing bot abuse, and also making an onchain transaction to increase kinship is difficult.

IF we can get minigames to the point where they are not abused by bots (everything needs to be done server-side) then we could potentially track playing time and reward Aavegotchi owners (or Aavegotchis) with non-transferable kinship potions they could drink to increase kinship. WDYT?


That sounds awesome. A non-transferable kinship potion will ensure people are really about playing the games and building up their gotchis versus just selling them off in the market. How hard or feasible would it be to move things server side @coderdan? Would using a blend or hybrid of web2 and web3 like you mentioned a few days ago in the #daodiscussions channel on discord create issues for the dev team or negatively affect the decentralized goals of the project?


After being part of this project for several months now, I definitely see the Achilles heel of web3. I believe unless some form of new technology emerges within web3, then a hybrid is necessary to keep out bots and bad actors. If there is a monetary incentive, people can and will cheat in any way possible.

There are so many great ideas on how to improve aavegotchi and most of them circle back around to the same challenge- bots & cheaters.


lol, my first thought as well, street/D/traumarektovered mentality!

That is a great idea!


I want to give you an overall congratulations. You have presented your arguments and idea with the same simplicity and warmth you usually have for us all in discord.
Goes to show- you have devs telling you that you are moving in the right direction and sharing possible future game mechanics with you. Great job fren! This could be ready for a signal proposal, but as a suggestion, if you have identified any divergent options or paths, you can poll users now, within these forums, before creating a SigProp. Maybe people like the idea of non-transferrable potions, but they want to be able to choose which gotchi gets the potion? These kind of matters can be ironed out in forums, to ultimately help your proposal reach quorum down the line.


Thanks @jg1 for the kind words and encouragement.

Here is a poll: Yay or Nay, are you in favor of fraactional non-transferable kinship potions for participation in mini-games?

  • Yay…Issue fraactional non-transferable kinship potions as a reward for playing and recording certain stats in mini-games
  • Nay…Play the mini-games for fun and XP only, you greedy bum!

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I’ve been following this but haven’t been able to decide if I am for or against it. I like the idea of motivating user to interact with the platform/gotchiverse/user-generated content more, but as others have said, it’s hard to stop bad actors. Also, if every time I play a game there is a transaction fee, I worry that could make those low matic fees add up to a value I actually start to notice.

I finally managed to think of another possibility. Right now the only way to get kinship is through petting/equipping and the rate is limited by the 12hr timer. How about implementing a similar strategy for the games? Maybe allow the person 1 kinship point every 24hrs for playing a game with a gotchi? This increases the rate that a gotchi can increase kinship from 2/day to 3/day. One way to limit any simple bots would be to set a minimum score for the game (i.e. the person has to actually attempt to play, not just click start and leave). This could benefit use small gotchi family holders and make it harder for whales to win at the kinship game (not saying whales are bad, I want them to buy my stuff at the maal :slight_smile:).

As of now, I don’t think I’m on-board with the fractional kinship rewards, and don’t fully understand the non-transferrable potion idea, but I do think you are bringing up a really good topic. I think something good will come out of this.

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I appreciate your input on this proposal. I feel like all of your concerns might have been addressed in a discord discussion we had roughly a week ago.

In terms of the transactions fees, to pet my gotchi costs .00003 MATIC which is roughly .0000546 cents at a price of roughly $1.82/MATIC which is pretty low.

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 11.12.56 PM

Every 183.150183 times I play a mini-game, I would pay 1 cent USD in MATIC which I find more than reasonable considering how much I enjoy playing with my gothcis.

In terms of non-transferable kinship potions, by mixing Web 2 and Web 3, the devs can create these rewards in the form of non-transferable potions without bots being an issue. The stats used to dole out kinship rewards would be a minimum score or other games stats which would ensure bots could not abuse it by simply calling the contract. I agree a bot could potentially abuse this feature but it would require the dev to create a bot that could call the contract but also be able to play the game competently enough to reach certain stats. I’m sure that is possible but it sounds like a lot more work than just playing the games (DEVS PLEASE CHIME IN IF I AM COMPLETELY WRONG AND YOUR REALM BUILDING SKILLS ARE BEYOND MY PLEBIAN MIND).

I look forward to hearing your thoughts @UnfitStone and appreciate the feedback fren.


If fractions of kinship can’t be given directly, CoderDan could just add a separate score; reach 4 fraction points and you get 1 kinship point. Just like frens and tickets.


Thanks for posting this here!

The main challenge here would be 1) preventing bots from playing the game, but also 2) preventing hackers from hacking the leaderboard to change scores. #2 is solvable as long as the minigame is hosted on a standalone server (not client-side as it is now).

For most minigame developers it’s out of their technical capacity to setup and maintain servers, which is why we have Dev Evangelists who will eventually be helping out with this. But for now it remains my main concern, that bad actors will hack the leaderboard (or playing time, basically any metric) to earn more kinship :stuck_out_tongue: With time invested I think we can overcome this though.


Potential XP ,GHST or werable rewards are completely different, but re. kinship I hope gaming rewards are never tied to a leaderboard. Kinship should be measured and grown with dynamics between the gotchi and owner only.